Monday, March 21, 2011

Officials' decisions in Arizona Wildcats-Texas Longhorns game debated

NCAA Tournament referees again are under scrutiny after two decisions late in Sunday's Arizona-Texas game.

In the first one, referee Richard Cartmell called Texas' Cory Joseph for a five-second violation with 14.5 seconds remaining, though replays showed Cartmell appeared to make the call before his count reached five.

"I had five seconds before the kid turned and signaled a timeout," Cartmell said in a statement. "I had to make a decision whether it was five seconds or a timeout, and I made the decision it was five seconds because I had counted five seconds before he called timeout."

Texas coach Rick Barnes said afterward that he wished a replay review could have been made.

"They have rules in other leagues and even on an out-of-bounds play," Barnes told reporters. "There are certain things that can be corrected. In our game, there's not.

"We've got to be willing to make the rules that are right. Because at the very end if you truly want the players to determine it, the officials have to be willing, the NCAA has to be willing to say, OK, we're going to get this right."

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