Friday, March 11, 2011

USC learns that the cost of honor is high

On a strange and sullen Friday in the Pac-10 tournament, the area in front of the USC bench was deathly quiet.

Trojan athletics have rarely sounded stronger.

Among the many empty seats at the Staples Center was one involuntarily vacated by USC Coach Kevin O'Neill, whose rants were squelched when his boss, Pat Haden, once again buffeted "Fight On" with his own two-word chant.

No Fools.

O'Neill embarrassed the university in a Thursday night altercation with an opposing booster, and quicker than you can say new era, he was gone.

He was suspended for the remainder of the tournament even though there was no crime, no cops, no arrests, no lawyers, no charges, and no time for Athletic Director Haden to even sleep on it.


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