Sunday, April 10, 2011

Do the latest fitness shoes work?

It's a fact: I need to get new sneakers. I am one of those people that literally runs their shoes into the ground.  Not only has the sole detached from my shoe, the hard rubber for added shock resistance has deteriorated somewhat.  I think I have held onto these sneakers for about seven years, but who's counting? Needless to say I'm in the market to buy new sneakers, so what a perfect time to ask some experts in footwear about what shoes on the market are the best.  There are a plethora of sneakers to choose from, but which one is right for me? It's common knowledge that trends come and go. So, I'm embarrassed to say each time I see a commercial that tries to sell me on the fact that a sneaker can help me tone, improve posture and increase energy, all while standing and rocking back and forth, my interest is peaked.  Who wouldn't want to work out without really working out.? Then there are the lightweight and extremely flexible barefoot running shoes.   In the sport of gymnastics I never wore shoes while running, jumping rope or doing any type of exercise. So the barefoot running craze never caught my eye. Since I have a low arch, I suffered from tendinitis in my ankles for over 10 years. Today I opt for a shoe that will give me support and stability especially when it comes to running

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