Friday, April 15, 2011

Heat Heavy Favorites Against 76ers

With a tumultuous-at-times regular season behind them, the Miami Heat open the NBA playoffs against the Philadelphia 76ers Saturday in Miami. The biggest uncertainty heading into the opening playoff series is whether Philadelphia can win a game against the Heat.

The 76ers are almost an afterthought to the Heat. While second-seeded Miami is coming off a 58-24 regular season, No. 7 seed Philadelphia finished 41-41, average in nearly every statistical category.

Miami won all three regular-season contests against the Sixers, each by a margin of nine points or more. Many are willing to overlook Philadelphia for Miami's next two likely playoff opponents, the Boston Celtics and top-seeded Chicago Bulls. Indeed, Thursday on WQAM, Chris Bosh was asked whether Boston or Chicago were the toughest test facing the Heat, nevermind the 76ers.


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