Thursday, April 7, 2011

LeBron James to hold minority interest in Liverpool Football Club

Over the past two decades, soccer has become increasingly popular in the United States. Beginning with the 1994 World Cup, American sports fans have steadily come to understand that players are full of engaging style even if there aren't a ton of goals, and that a draw can be just as exciting as a victory. These days, there are enough casual soccer fans that a mid-week broadcast of a Champions League match or a big weekend game between two English Premier League clubs can get a pretty solid TV rating in this country.

In fact, the sport is popular enough here that an athlete investing in a successful soccer club can be seen as a pretty intelligent business decision rather than some questionable entrance into foreign enterprise. So it should not be a terrible surprise that Miami Heat star LeBron James(notes) now owns part of the legendary Liverpool Football Club. From Matthew Futterman for the Wall Street Journal:


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