Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tiger Woods 2011 Masters chances sized up by a sports psychologist; John Daly hawks his merchandise

AUGUSTA - No one in golf has been analyzed more than Tiger Woods, especially now that he's struggling.

Sports psychologist Gregg Steinberg told the Daily News there are facets to Woods' woes.

"The first peg is the new swing coach," Steinberg said. "It can take upwards of six months to two years before it kicks in. The problem is paralysis by analysis. You start overthinking, and the biggest problem under pressure is you start to think too much. You start trying too hard. Under pressure he can't let go."

Steinberg also thinks that Woods' troubles off the course have taken away his feeling of invincibility.

"He's come to realize he's not superhuman," he explained. "Now he's in denial, trying to buffer stress and boost confidence."

As to how long the whole process might take, Steinberg said, "Tiger is a virtuoso, somebody like Jack Nicklaus who comes along only once every 30 years or so. Before the '86 Masters, Jack Nicklaus told his wife Barbara, 'I'm feeling like the old Jack again.' When Tiger reaches that prime emotional state again, he'll know."


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