Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Web Design

I dentify a goal for your website

What kind of firm are you ?
Do you want a commercial site or
information site
What are you or your organization out to accomplish?
review your mission statement
Do you want your web site to accomplish all or some of those things?
the more goals, the more difficult the task becomes
What information do you need or want to provide?

Who is the information for?
Do you have more than one audience?
Can you serve them all with one Web site?
What are the information needs of your audience?
What are their habits, characteristics, culture, technical capabilities, etc.
Are they likely to start with the Web or another information source?

Identify information you already provide your audience.
Identify information that you haven’t, but would like to provide your audience.
Identify the sources of information you want to provide through your Web site.
Prepare that information for the web by collecting it and converting it.

We coordinate the method for publishing and updating your Web pages.
email files
FTP files
Know your root address (domain name).
Will you have a need for scripting and database interaction?

Test it in-house.
Test it on a sample audience.
Test it on as many different computers and monitors and browsers as possible.
Test it using various Internet connections.
Direct connections

Dates need to be correct
Services need to be up-to-date
Hours must be correct
People’s names, email addresses & phone numbers need to be correct
Prices need to be correct
Explore new technologies & encourage innovation

Characteristics of a good web site

Easy to navigate

Decide how you want to organize your information based on your users and what you know about them
Ways to organize your site:
by department or organizational chart
by audience type
by subject

Website Usability
Website usability is critical to converting surfers to customers. Usability is a measure of how easily a surfer can "work" your site. The easier your site works, the more likely you'll make a sale
Don’t advertise other products or companies unless it meets your goal, generates revenue or helps your audience

Monday, November 10, 2014

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Thursday, September 18, 2014