Make money on You tube making money viewing and sharing Scam or legit

Make money , that is what most people want Is hype, scam or some legit and honest way of harnessing the power of you tube!
After this review you will be able to judge
First of all you will need to open up and account
Then watch or view videos get paid for viewing
Share and get paid for sharing ,
Now here is the catch every time a person views a video you shared you still get paid.
So I do a test run set my account and the first thing I notice are the graphics save for the fact that the site is till new I don’t mind much
Then the shocker I already have $0.2 and another $0.22 not minding
I immediately notice most of the videos to share have already gone viral 120Million plus views so who goes into all this trouble to promote a viral video , well my fears are answered with the following ways to earn .
1-Paid Per Share
2. Paid Per View
3. Paid Per Connect (Per Free Member Sign Ups)
Ad revenue share when you:
4. Reach and Acquire Checkpoints
5. Acquire Gold Positions
6. Upgrade to Pro
Now this site is really interesting with lots of free apps and games like i have ever seen before
After all is said and done whether this is scam or not you decide
as for me Im playing and watching videos a win for me
by the way all this is from this site UVioO pronounced youview

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