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Lightning strikes 22, couple dies

A victim of the lightning receiving treatment at Hoima Hospital

A man and his wife died and 20 others were admitted to Hoima Hospital and Kabalega Medical Centre (About 1 Hr from Kampala the Capital of Uganda) after being struck by lightning.

Simon Irumba died instantly when lightning struck during the burial of his father-in-law, Tamiteo Isingoma, at Muhwiju in Bugambe sub-county, Hoima district on Wednesday evening.

Irumba died in his seat as his wife Kelvin Nyangoma was serving him a drink. Nyangoma also fell down and lost consciousness.

Allan Alinaitwe, a witness, said several mourners lost consciousness after they were hit.

�Many people who were seated and standing near Irumba when his wife fell down. We ran for our lives thinking they were all dead. Most were lying still, while others were groaning,� he said.

The victims were rushed to Hoima hospital and Kabalega medical centre in Hoima town.

Nyangoma died on arrival at Hoima Hospital.

Scores of people from Hoima town and neighbouring areas crowded the hospital to find out if their relatives had been involved in the incident.

When New Vision visited the hospital, most of the victims were lying on the floor in the casualty wing, where they were being treated. Some of them were given first aid and discharged.

Those still admitted at Hoima Hospital are Francis Mbabazi, 30, Dan Tugume, 27, Josephine Tibenda, Annet Kabadaki, Florence Tibuliba and Timbigamba, 32. Bridget Kemigisa and Bosco Tugume are admitted at Kabalega medical centre.

The victims sustained serious burns and complained of severe pain. Tugume recalled that he was seated in a tent when the incident occurred.

�I was seated in a tent when lightning struck. I saw a lot of light and that is all I can remember,� he said.

�I have just found myself in the hospital this morning but I don�t know how I came here. I feel a lot of pain and I can see burns on my body,� Tugume added.

An old woman who witnessed the incident attributed the lighting to the devil.

�This is the work of devil and I have never seen it in my life time. You cannot go to bury your father-in-law and get struck by lightning and you die,� she said.

The LC1 chairman for Muhwiju village, Eric Bendebule, said the incident was the first of its kind in the area and had shocked many residents.

�It is a big surprise and it has shaken the whole village. I am an old man but have never seen this happen in my area,� he said.

Costance Aseru, a nursing officer at Hoima Hospital, said most of those affected had been given first aid treatment and discharged.

She added that the victims sustained burns, while others had recovered from shock.

�We have put all of them on treatment and they are out of danger. I hope they will be fine and we shall discharge them soon,� she said.

Irumba and his wife Nyangoma will be buried at Kitoma village in Busiisi division in Hoima.

Daily Game Dec 31 - Kamikaze blocks

Feed the monsters that live in the clouds some blocks, by shooting kamikaze creatures to push the blocks to them.

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Happy New Year !!!

I wish all my Visitors, Advertisers , Subscribers and Readers a Prosperous and Happy 2011
Full of Joy and Blessing.

Last year was tight Globally with the continued recession recovery in many parts of the World

But Hopefully God in His Mercy will grant us much more success in 2011

Sorry for all those who lost their beloved ones , Businesses , Homes, Jobs and basically Livelihoods and are
Refugees , Plus all the injustice and  Cruel hand of Evil in terrorism.

All I say we move forward , stand up dust our selves and move on Let by gones be bygones and together
with Gods Help we shall Over COME
Happy 2011

TheStar Talking Points: Are Russian courts jailing criminals — or political threats?

The Issue: Mikhail Khodorkovsky, formerly Russia’s richest man, was convicted of stealing $27 billion worth of oil from his company, Yukos Oil, between 1998 and 2003. Canada and many other nations said the trial and conviction were unfair and politically motivated: Khodorkovsky is an opponent of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.
Financial Times: “When Mikhail Khodorkovsky was found guilty of fraud and tax evasion in 2005, many observers were prepared to believe he was guilty as charged. The injustice was that the punishment was selective. Other Russian tycoons, the infamous ‘oligarchs,’ engaged in similar abuses in the 1990s. Only Mr. Khodorkovsky, however, who had committed the cardinal sin of openly defying the then president Vladimir Putin, went to jail. This time is different. It is hard to see the new charges of which Russia’s former richest man has been convicted — essentially that he stole the entire output of his Yukos oil company over several years — as anything but fanciful.”
Toronto Star: “This looks like nothing more than a Soviet-era ‘show trial’ ordered by the powers-that-be to sideline a rival and to warn off other rich figures who might be tempted to dabble in politics.”
Alexander Minkin, Moskovsky Komsomolets: “Those who hoped that judge Viktor Danilkin would suddenly find sufficient civic courage to pass a fair verdict can now give up that hope for good. He found a different kind of courage. Because it is of course not easy to come out to people and deliver a guilty verdict after the outrage that has been taking place in court for the past two years.”
Simon Tisdall, Guardian: “Whatever else he is, Putin is implacable, relentless and unpitying when dealing with perceived enemies. In this, he follows a long-established Russian leadership tradition, and the public seems to like it, affording him approval ratings of 70 per cent or above.”
Daily Telegraph: “Take the cases of Liu Xiaobo, who yesterday marked his 55th birthday in prison in China, and Mikhail Khodorkovsky …These two men are being hounded because they challenge the status quo, which in China is the political monopoly of the Communist Party, and in Russia, bureaucratic cronyism. In both countries, those who have grown rich and powerful under such conditions want to keep things as they are. Yet the very intensity of the persecution reveals a fear at the heart of each system that its authority is more fragile than it might appear. Does the emperor have any clothes?”
Economist: “What does this imply for Russia’s politics in 2011? One certainty is that the United Russia party, devoted to the political status quo, will win the parliamentary elections in December. The second certainty is that President Dmitry Medvedev will continue to be overshadowed by his prime minister (and predecessor as president), Vladimir Putin. After all, Mr. Medvedev promised at his inauguration in 2008 to end ‘legal nihilism’ — and that pledge now looks either hopelessly naïve or horribly cynical.”
Washington Post: “Support for Russia’s membership in the World Trade Organization should be put on hold. If there are no such consequences for the Khodorkovsky case, Mr. Putin’s victory will be complete — and Mr. Obama’s diplomacy wasted.”
Yvonne Ridley, Tehran Times: “The USA is still squatting in Cuba, overseeing the continuing festering mess caused by one of the biggest boils on the face of human rights — yes, Guantanamo is approaching a decade of incarcerating men without charge or trial. At least Khodorkovsky had his day in an open court and can appeal.”
Russian Foreign Ministry: “We are counting on everyone to mind his own business — both at home and in the international arena.”

TheStar Talking Points: Are Russian courts jailing criminals — or political threats?

Doctor dies after bizarre accident with neck massager - and FOX19 News, weather, traffic, and sports for Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky |

PARKLAND, FL (CNN) - A bizarre accident involving a neck massager has killed a well-respected South Florida doctor.
Police say Michelle Ferrari-Gegerson had just finished wrapping some presents on Christmas Eve and was using a neck massager when the device strangled her.
Her husband found her unconscious on their bedroom floor.
"The massager got entangled with a necklace, and it probably caused her to black out very quickly," Broward County Sheriff Jim Leljedal said.
Ferrari-Gegerson had worked as a radiologist at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami since 2001.

Doctor dies after bizarre accident with neck massager - and FOX19 News, weather, traffic, and sports for Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky

Stoughton man arrested in ‘bizarre’ Walmart kidnapping attempt in Brockton

In what police are calling a “bizarre” kidnapping attempt, a Stoughton man grabbed a 6-year-old Brockton boy in a crowded city Walmart and ran through the store with the child under his arm, said Brockton Detective Capt. Emanuel Gomes.
Vadym Golina, 40, of Stoughton was arrested immediately after the incident, which occurred Thursday morning about 11:24. The child, who lives in Brockton and was at the store with his aunt, was unharmed.
“It's bizarre,” said Gomes. “These people are not known to each other.”
Witnesses told police the man grabbed the boy, tucked him under his arm and ran through the store with him. A group of witnesses, including the boy’s aunt, who had been watching him at the time of the incident, chased the man into another part of the store, screaming, until he released the boy, Gomes said.
Security staff at Walmart alerted Brockton police, who arrested the man while he was still in the store, said Gomes.
The suspect told police the aisle was clogged with people and he was trying to move the boy. But Gomes said that story did not match the accounts of eyewitnesses.
The man also told police that he was an engineer who works in Walpole. He is a Ukrainian national who has lived in the United States for 10 years, said Gomes.
Golina was charged with kidnapping and assault and battery of a child.

Bizarre twist in missing person's case near Edmonton

The search is over for one of two men wanted in connection with a suspicious death in Strathcona County earlier this month. 
But in a bizarre twist Dino Richard Kaz was found dead in his truck about 40 kilometres west of Evansburgh. 
RCMP say the cause of death has not been determined, but the medical examiner is involved in the investigation. 
The search continues for 36 year old Saskatoon native Brent Abbott, who has not been seen since December 19th. 
That is the same day firefighters were called to a blaze on a property east of Sherwood Park, near Edmonton.
In the rubble, they found the remains of one person but the body was so burnt, the medical examiner could only determine the gender and not the identity.

Single Charger for all Mobile Phones

All mobile phones could soon use a single type of charger. The world’s 14 most prominent mobile manufacturers have been sent details by the European Commission of a new standard connection, after they agreed to sign up to it in June 2009.
The technical specifications are based on the micro-USB connector that many mobile manufacturers have already begun to use. Samsung, Apple, Nokia and Research in Motion, the maker of the BlackBerry, are among those that have agreed to adopt it.
The micro-USB jack is already becoming common as manufacturers, including those outside the 14 who have already agreed on it, have made the shift in preparation. Apple’s iPod connector, however, continues to be used for a host of accessories. The Commission anticipates that the first devices whose chargers meet the precise details of the new standard will appear early next year.
European Commission Vice-President Antonio Tajani, Commissioner for Industry and Entrepreneurship, called on manufacturers to show their support for the new standard. “Now it is time for industry to show its commitment to sell mobile phones for the new charger. The common charger will make life easier for consumers, reduce waste and benefit businesses. It is a true win-win situation," he said.
In a statement, the Commission said that “Incompatibility of chargers for mobile phones is not only a major inconvenience for users, but also a considerable environmental problem. Users who want to change their mobile phones must usually acquire a new charger and dispose of the old one, even if it is in good condition.”

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pics of former supermodel Stephanie Seymour as she strikes bizarre poses on beach

 Back together: Stephanie and formerly estranged husband Peter Brant put on a show of affection earlier in the week at St Barts to show they are very definitely a couple again in St Barts
Beach bum: The model looked like she was back in the pages of Sports Illustrated At a stretch: The mother-of-four may have been reliving memories of an old photo shoot
Heady times: The model plunged into the surf in a flesh coloured bikini
Sandy: Stephanie, who has reignited her love with husband Peter Brant after a year in the divorce courts, cooled down in the waves
Moves: The mother of four may have been demonstrating a hitherto unknown form of yoga

Strike a pose: Stephanie seemed to be throwing some very deliberate shapes

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Fallen Oak Tree Kills Madison Woman Visiting California - WHNT

The latest California storm has taken a terrible turn for some in the city of Madison, Alabama. A Madison woman was killed during a freak accident at the Safari West Wildlife Preserve near Santa Rosa, California. A tree fell on a tent, killing 70-year-old Gayle Falgoust.
Falgoust was reading a book to her granddaughter when the tree fell. The little girl survived, but sadly, Falgoust did not.Two men who tried to help the grandmother are telling their story. The woman's son talked with WHNT NEWS 19, and a neighbor reacts to what happened."If God did not think we were strong enough to do it, he would not have put the situation in front of us, so we did not really think," said rescuer Brian Creeks.The situation put in front of the Creeks family on a wild and stormy night at an animal preserve in Sonoma County could have saved the life of a little girl. It certainly comforted her grandmother in the final moments of her life."We heard a huge crack, and thought it was lightning we then heard screaming," added Creeks.A 50-foot huge oak tree had fallen on a luxury tent cabin of 70-year-old Falgoust and her seven-year-old granddaughter while they were reading stories together.The Creeks say Falgoust was trapped on the bed. The granddaughter was not hit, but definitely hysterical."We had to cut through the canvas to cut the girl out, and no one had a knife. A man next door had these little tiny foldable scissors that we got and kind of stabbed holes, started cutting, but ended up ripping it apart," added Creeks.It was dark and wet. No one knew what could have happened next. The little girl went back to the Creeks' cabin to play with Brian's little brother. She kept asking about her grandmother, who was fighting to hold on."We just kept telling her that help was coming, and her granddaughter was okay and we are here. Not too long after that, she was unconscious, and then she passed away," said the other rescuer Bill Creeks."This wasn't a stable situation at this point, it was windy, rainy, and they did not know if the tree was stable. They actually risked their lives to get in there and get the seven-year-old granddaughter out, and comfort the woman as she was dying," said Sonoma County Sheriff's Office Captain Matt McCaffrey.Falgoust's family drove up from Los Angeles to pick up the little girl after a night no one will ever forget.Back in Madison, Dale Davis is Falgoust's neighbor."That to me was very shocking. The death was shocking, but the way she died was even more shocking," said Davis.Falgoust's son, Greg Morgavi, also lives in Madison. He was too upset to go on camera, but did talk to us on the phone."The last thing the family thought would have happened to her would be a tree falling on her in a freak accident like this," said Morgavi.Morgavi said his mom was a true fighter. Falgoust survived breast cancer nearly 11 years ago and even Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Viking’s Brett Favre fined 50K by NFL in Jenn Sterger sexting case - National google trends |

Vikings QB Brett Favre has to hand over $50,000 to the NFL as a result of the Jenn Sterger sexting investigation. Favre has been surfacing in the Google trends for months now, and not just about his on and off again retirement. reported in the fall that Brett was sending pictures of his man parts to Playboy model and television personality, Jenn Sterger back in 2008.
The AP reports on December 29: "The NFL has fined Brett Favre $50,000 for a "failure to cooperate" with the investigation into allegations he sent inappropriate messages and lewd photos to a former New York Jets game-day hostess. The league says Commissioner Roger Goodell "could not conclude" that Favre violated the league's personal conduct policy based on the evidence currently available."
Sports website posted a video that they claim to be evidence that Vikings Quarterback Brett Favre sent penis photos and left strange messages on Playboy model Jenn Sterger's cell phone. Deadspin, owned by Gawker Media, claims that the video was given to them by a third party.
In October, Fox TV's Jay Glazer reported that Vikings quarterback Brett Favre admitted to leaving voicemails for the Playboy model. However, he did not admit to sending penis photos to her phone.
The NFL's $50,000 fine is probably just a drop in the bucket to Brett Favre. However, one can only hope that he'll think twice about taking pictures of his crotch and sending them out via his cell phone. Get back to playing football, Favre.

Viking’s Brett Favre fined 50K by NFL in Jenn Sterger sexting case - National google trends

Geinimi, the dreaded Android trojan

An advanced new Android trojan named Geinimi has been found in the wild, mobile security firm Lookout reports.
The trojan is possibly the most sophisticated piece of Android malware so far, with the ability to steal your personal data and send it to a remote computer, as well as take commands from a remote server, which would effectively turn your Android device into a zombie inside of a botnet.
The detailed description of everything Geinimi can do sounds scary: it can send your location, device identifiers (IMEI and IMSI) and list of installed apps to someone. It can also download an app and prompt the user to install it.
The real threat to end users isn’t very big, however. You can install Geinimi on your Android device only if you install an infected app, and Lookout reports it only saw those in third-party Chinese app stores. Most users download apps from the official Android market, which is a much safer option; if you must install an app from a third-party store, make sure it’s safe before you do.

Skype brought down by double whammy of overloaded servers, client bugs

Skype's substantial period of downtime last week has been traced to overloaded servers triggering a bug in the most widespread version of the Windows Skype client, the company has reported on its blog. At the height of the problem, only a few hundred thousand users were showing up online; normally, the voice and video chat boasts in excess of 20 million online users.
The initial problem was that on December 22nd the servers handling offline messaging became overloaded and slow to respond. Windows client version 5.0.0152, representing about 50% of users, responded to this condition by crashing, with about 40 percent of those clients failing. Skype works using a peer-to-peer network to transfer data. Some nodes on the network are chosen as "supernodes"; these supernodes carry out additional coordination duties, routing traffic and performing directory lookups. The widespread client failures caused 25-30% of the supernodes to fail, which in turn caused the remaining peer-to-peer network to become overloaded—a problem exacerbated by the large number of Windows users restarting their crashed clients. The result was widespread service outages.
Though users running other versions of the Skype software—both older and newer—did not suffer from the initial crashing issue, the failure of the peer-to-peer network caused even them to lose service.
Skype eventually restored its network by bringing online a large number of extra high capacity supernodes to handle the extra load and allow clients to connect properly.
The incident points to a certain kind of fragility of Skype's network. Any issue that causes widespread client crashes is liable to deplete the number of supernodes, and as this incident shows, that can have a catastrophic effect on the rest of the network.
The company was quite vague about how it hopes to prevent similar issues in the future. A more aggressive update policy would have worked wonders in this case—at the time of the problem, a newer client that didn't have the same crashing bug was available for Windows, so if this had been installed automatically, the widespread failures probably would not have occurred. Though the company says that it will re-evaluate its automatic update process, at the time of writing clients running the affected version are still not offered an automatic update.
Skype is by no means the first company to have a service outage after a supposedly robust network infrastructure suffered wholescale failures as a problem snowballed. Facebook went down for several hours in September after a problem in its fault-tolerant architecture caused repeated system failures, and Amazon's S3 cloud storage service has had outages, again due to errors propagating through a network. Though designed to be robust—Skype, for example, can easily tolerate the loss of a few supernodes as people quit the client—the distributed and decentralized nature of these networks seems at times to come with a tendency to distribute problems, greatly magnifying them. The impact of the Skype client crashes was felt by more than just users of version 5.0.0152.

Skype brought down by double whammy of overloaded servers, client bugs

10 Smartphone, Tablet Flaws That Must Disappear In 2011 - Mobile and Wireless - News & Reviews -

By Don Reisinger on 2010-12-29
Never before has so much attention been placed on the smartphone market. Whether it’s Apple’s iPhone, RIM’s BlackBerry or countless devices from so many other vendors, the smartphone space is a critical battleground for a slew of companies. The same can be said for the tablet space. Although Apple’s iPad dominates that market, several competitors are vying for attention. But the chances of 2011 becoming a banner year for both smartphones and tablets will rely upon the ability of vendors to deliver products with features that consumers and enterprise customers really want. The only way to achieve that goal will be to find the issues that those customers are experiencing now with smartphones and tablets, and address them. Of course, some companies will be more likely to do that better than others. But the firm that eliminates the following features will be most likely to see success with smartphone or tablet designs. Read on to find out which shortcomings in tablet or smartphone designs must be banished in 2011.

10 Smartphone, Tablet Flaws That Must Disappear In 2011 - Mobile and Wireless - News & Reviews -

PSFK » Ford To Launch Start-Stop Technology

Ford has recently announced plans too introduce fuel-saving start-stop technology on its vehicles beginning in 2012. The feature is slated to be launched at January’s North American International Auto Show in Detroit.
Start-stop technology refers to a car operation system that saves fuel by turning an engine off when the vehicle is idle, and quickly restarting it when the driver releases the brake or steps on the accelerator. Ford expects the system to improve fuel economy by 4% to 10%, the actual result of which is dependent on driving conditions.

PSFK » Ford To Launch Start-Stop Technology

PSFK » Ford To Launch Start-Stop Technology

PSFK » Ford To Launch Start-Stop Technology

Daily Game Dec 30 - Paranormal Shark Activity

Flee from the giant shark for as long as possible, before turning into his next snack.

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Security to check breasts for bombs

Police in Uganda have urged hotel owners and security staff to thoroughly check women's bras following a threat by terrorists to use "bra bombs".

"We don't always allow men to check women's  breasts but we have now got reports that terrorists have devised bra bombs. We appeal to women security personnel to thoroughly check women's bras," said Lodovick Awita, a counter terrorism expert.

Awita said the terrorists were devising new methods of attack to beat the tight security measures.

He was speaking during a sensitisation meeting for hotel proprietors and their security personnel at Hotel Africana in Kampala last evening.

"Terrorists can resort to assassination, kidnap, maiming, poisoning, hijacking or using cyber attacks to cause trouble," Awita said.

He urged the hotel security personnel to watch out for guests who make last-minute reservations, do not allow attendants in their rooms and those who receive many visitors.

"Ensure that all vehicles and their occupants are thoroughly checked. Supervise the parking yards, use walk-ins, metal detectors and, if possible, x-ray machines," he said.

Awita also told hotel proprietors to screen and keep records of all their staff and guests.

"Don't allow hawkers into hotels. We cannot trust them. Check out for guests who dress without regard to the weather," he said.

The Police commissioner in charge of community affairs, Asuman Mugenyi, said the measures were intended to ensure the safety of guests and to avert terror attacks.

"Full records of all guests booking into a hotel must be registered," he said.

The executive director of the Uganda Hotel Owners Association, Ismail Sekandi, urged the Government to streamline the operations of guest houses.

"We try to ensure the safety of our guests, but we are let down by guest houses. Many times they are mistaken for hotels, yet many of them do not register with our association."

The warning by Police comes more than a week after Police chief Maj. Gen. Kale Kayihura issued a terror alert and announced comprehensive measures to guard against possible terror attacks.

The terror alerts come against the back-drop of repeated threats by al-Shabaab, a Somali militia outfit, and follows twin bomb attacks in the Kampala in July that left about 79 people dead and over 50 others injured.

Meanwhile, security operatives at the Busia border post have arrested three Somalis.

The suspects were travelling from Nairobi, Kenya aboard a Kampala-bound bus.

Bob Kagarura, the district Police commander, confirmed the arrest and said they were being held over entering the country illegally.

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Daily Game Dec 29 - The Raven, shadow subject

Stealth is your only weapon in this well made stealth/platform game.

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Daily Game Dec 28 - Prison Planet

Don't let the human slaves escape! Use non-lethal means to keep them in their cells.

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Holiday spending back to pre-recession levels

Americans are splurging like it's 2007 again.
Shoppers spent more money this holiday season than at any time since before the recession, according to preliminary retail data released Monday.
After a 6 percent free fall in 2008 and a 4.1 percent uptick last year, retail spending rose 5.5 percent in the 50 days before Christmas, exceeding even the more optimistic forecasts and the biggest increase in five years, according to MasterCard Advisors SpendingPulse, which tracks retail spending.
Spending reached about $584.3 billion, compared with $566.3 billion in 2007, the last year before the recession paralyzed the nation.
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Monday, December 27, 2010

Woman sues Google for exposing her underwear on Street View


A woman in Japan claims her obsessive-compulsive disorder worsened and she feared everything she did throughout the day was secretly recorded after Google Street View captured images of her underwear hanging out to dry, the U.K. Telegraph reports. So she's suing the search giant for $7,000.

"I could understand if it was just a picture of the outside of the apartment, but showing a person's underwear hanging outside is absolutely wrong," the unnamed woman told the district court of Fukuoka, Japan, where she filed her case in October. Google reportedly removed the image around the same time.

Google Street View provides 360-degree street-level images of locations in more than a dozen countries, recorded by cars equipped with 9-lens panoramic cameras. The woman filing the suit reportedly looked up her address online last spring and saw her intimate apparel hanging out for the whole wired world to see.

"I was overwhelmed with anxiety that I might be the target of a sex crime," she said. "It caused me to lose my job and I had to change my residence."

It's unclear whether the plaintiff knew her underthings were viewable from the street (thus captured by the Street View car) before she Googled her address. Stories of odd Street View lookups are becoming increasingly common as Street View extends its search —though most are not traumatic.

Earlier this year, 11-year old Reuben Soames looked up his family's Derbyshire house on Google Street View and saw a suspicious character checking his fly near the family's white Abbey Adventura caravan — the same white Abbey Adventura caravan stolen from the yard a little more than a year before. Police are now using this image in their investigation of the theft.

Aids Joke

What a Strong Network!

A man called his mom from the USA.

Man  : Mom, I have AIDS.

Mother: Don't come back home, my son.

Man  : Why mom ?

Mother: If you come back home, then your wife will be infected. From your wife to your brother, from your brother to our maid, from our maid to your dad, from your dad to my sister, from my sister to her husband, from him to me,  from me to the gardener, from the gardener to your sister. And if your sister  got AIDs, then the whole village will be infected !
So in the name of GOD.

Daily Game Dec 27 - The Visitor: Massacre ...

Play an alien slug on its quest to find the next human meal. Eat animals and gain their abilities.

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Play boy founder Engaged to 60 year junior Playmate

This season was joyful for Chris Harris 24 after she recieved an engagement ring from Play boy founder Hugh Hefner 84.

This  will be the third marriage for famous bachelor Hefner. He wed first wife Mildred in 1949
(they have grown children Christie, 58, and David, 55) before divorcing in 1959. In 1989,
he walked down the aisle with Playmate of the Year Kimberley Conrad, and they went on to
have sons Marston, 10, and Cooper, 9. The duo's divorce was finalized last year.

Daily Game Dec 26 - Freeway Fury

Drive fast, jump from car to car, slam, nitro boosts - you can do all in this cool driving game!

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Daily Game Dec 25 - Fallen From The Moon

Figure out what need to be done in order to get the boy back to the moon in this fun puzzle and hidden objects game.

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Friday, December 24, 2010

The Statue of Liberty

Was made in Paris by the French sculptor Bartholdi, with Gustave Eiffel It  was a gift from France on the centenary of American independence in 1886.
Located  at the entrance to New York Harbour, it has welcomed millions of immigrants to the United States ever since.
 The Statue of Liberty Enlightening the World, a hollow colossus composed of thinly pounded copper sheets over a steel framework, was designed in Paris by the French sculptor Frederic Bartholdi, in collaboration with the French engineer Gustave Eiffel, who was responsible for its frame, intended as a gift from France for the centenary of American independence in 1876. Its design and construction were recognized at the time as one of the greatest technical achievements of the 19th century, and, when finally dedicated a decade later, it was hailed as a bridge between art and engineering. Atop its pedestal, designed by noted American architect Richard Morris Hunt, on an island at the entrance to New York Harbour, the Statue has since welcomed millions of immigrants who arrived in the United States by sea.
(i) This colossal statue is a masterpiece of the human spirit. The collaboration between the sculptor Bartholdi and the engineer Eiffel resulted in the production of a technological wonder that brings together art and engineering in a new and powerful way.
(vi) The symbolic value of the Statue of Liberty lies in two basic factors. It was presented by France with the intention of affirming the historical alliance between the two nations. It was financed by international subscription in recognition of the establishment of the principles of freedom and democracy by the U.S. Declaration of Independence, which the Statue holds in her left hand. The Statue also soon became and has endured as a symbol of the migration of people from many countries into the United States in the late 19th and the early 20th centuries. She endures as a highly potent symbol – inspiring contemplation, debate and protest – of ideals such as liberty, peace, human rights, abolition of slavery, democracy and opportunity.
The Statue of Liberty is a masterpiece of the human creative spirit. Its construction in the studios of Bartholdi in Paris represents one of the greatest technical exploits of the 19th century. It welcomed immigrants at the entrance to New York harbour, and so it is directly and materially associated with an event of outstanding universal significance: the populating of the United States, the melting pot of disparate peoples in the second half of the 19th century. The fact that the statue, whose funds were raised by international subscription, was executed in Europe, by a French sculptor, strengthens the symbolic interest of this world-renowned work.
During the second half of the 19th century, the population of the United States almost doubled in 30 years, from 38,500,000 inhabitants in 1870 to 76,000,000 in 1900. This prodigious growth is principally due to immigration which reached an unprecedented high at that time. Between 1840 and 1880, 9,438,000 foreigners landed in the United States, among which, besides the British, were Germans, Irish and Scandinavian. Between 1880 and 1914, the number of immigrants reached 22,000,000, this time deriving mainly from southern and eastern Europe.
It is within this context the order was placed for the Statue of Liberty, made in Paris by the French sculptor Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi, in collaboration with Gustave Eiffel, who conceived and executed the metallic skeleton which was to form the interior framework. The exterior 'envelope' was composed of brass plaques, formed by hammering them in hard wood moulds made from plaster models. These plaques were then soldered and riveted together. After Bartholdi prefabricated the figure in Paris by moulding sheets of copper over a steel framework, it was shipped to the United States in 241 crates in 1885.
Some of the money to erect the statue was contributed by American schoolchildren. It is certain that for millions of immigrants who came to America in the 19th century seeking freedom, it was the fulfilment of their dreams. The sculptor also intended with his work to be an immense and impressive symbol of human liberty, and it is one of the most universal symbols of political freedom and democracy. The people of France gave the statue to the people of the United States over 100 years ago in recognition of the friendship established during the American Revolution.
The Statue of Liberty, a woman holding on high a book and a 46 m long torch set on Liberty Island, situated at the entrance to New York harbour about 1 km from the landing point of the immigrants, was dedicated on 28 October 1886 and was designated a National Monument on 15 October 1924. On 8 September 1937, jurisdiction was enlarged to encompass all of Bedloe's Island and in 1956, the island's name was changed to Liberty Island. On 11 May 1965, Ellis Island was also transferred to the National Park Service and became part of the Statue of Liberty National Monument.
'Liberty Enlightening the World' was extensively restored in time for the spectacular centennial of American independence on 4 July 1986, for whom it symbolized the ideals of Washington and Lincoln. It has continued to inspire people across the world.


Uganda's Next year Ballot papers to be printed in Britain

 BALLOT papers for the 2011 presidential, parliamentary and district chairperson’s elections will be printed in the UK, the Electoral Commission (EC) has announced. The commission chairman, Badru Kiggundu, yesterday displayed the ballot papers designed by his team. The ballots, he said, will be in the country two-and-a-half weeks to the election date of February 18. Sam Rwakojo, the commission secretary, said the ballot papers have over five security features “that cannot be duplicated by anybody.” He, however, declined to mention the features. The ballot papers bear the names of eight presidential candidates in the order of Abed Bwanika, Kiiza Besigye, Beti Kamya, Bidandi Sali, Norbert Mao, Olara Otunnu, Samuel Lubega and Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. The companies to print the papers are Smith & Ouzman Ltd of Sussex and Kalamazoo Secure Solutions Ltd of Worcestershire in the UK. Smith Ouzman will print ballots for presidential and district woman MPs at a cost of 1448m pounds, while Kalamazoo Secure Solutions will print those for MPs, district chairpersons and councillors. Lithotec Exports, based in Johannesburg, South Africa, will print ballot papers for sub-county and city division chairpersons and those for town, municipal and division councillors. For the first time, a Chinese company, AVIC International Holdings Corp, won the contract to print ballot papers for municipal chairpersons and councillors and those for sub-county division chairpersons. The commission will spend between 1.606m pounds (sh5.3b) to 2.19m pounds (sh7.3b) to print ballot papers for MPs and between 165,000 pounds (549m) and 250,000 pounds (sh832m) for district chairpersons and municipal leaders, those for municipality chairpersons and women councillors will cost between $1,469m (sh3.2b) and $1,497m (sh3.3b), while those for sub-county and municipal or division chairpersons will cost between $2,865m (sh6.3b) to $3,410m (sh7.5b). Kiggundu said campaigns would not be held on January 27 since it will be a national polling day for village youth committees and councils. The campaigns for village youth and councils start on January 23 and will end on January 25. On election petitions filed with the commission, Kiggundu said his team had resolved at least 41 cases by the end of last week.

Daily Game Dec 24 - Napoleon Stupid

Shoot the Stupids to win the game!

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Daily Game Dec 23 - Scrap Metal Heroes

Build and customize your own robot army and become the champion of the robot fighting league!

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Daily Game Dec 22 - City Siege

A hostile army has taken over the city. Reclaim the city back with your home guard.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hacker shows Porn Shown on Screen at Shahjalal International Airport, Bangladesh

Oops, a porn film was broadcast for all to see on the big screen at Shahjalal International Airport in Bangladesh. 

The clip wasn't a quick few seconds of a movie, reports have revealed that the movie had been broadcast for five minutes and seen by hundreds of passengers before being stopped.


In the very conservative Muslim country, the movie show did not go over well with authorities and they moved swiftly.

"The operator has been jailed instantly for two months. We have also summoned the owners of the cable firm to investigate the incident. We have to find out whether any criminal intent was involved," magistrate Siddiqa Akhter told AFP.

Daily Game Dec 21 - Poltergifts

Survive the horde of evil toys during the night before Christmas by using your fists and various gifts.

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Iron bar wielding thugs kill six in Mukono 10 Min from Kampala

By Eddie Ssejjoba
and Francis Kagolo

IRON-bar killers are on rampage again. The thugs have killed six people and injured several others in Mukono district within three weeks, causing fear among residents.

The thugs target mostly boda boda riders and women working in markets, whom they waylay at night.

Yesterday morning, a prominent Mukono florist, Godfrey Gamwanga, became the latest victim.

The killers, who reportedly move in groups, attacked Gamwanga at about 5:00am as he walked to his workplace in Ntaawo zone in Mukono town, where he operates a nursery bed of flowers and trees.

According to the Goma LC3 chairman, Erisha Mukasa Nkoyooyo, who was among the first people at the scene of crime, the gang hit Gamwanga with a metallic object.

Gamwanga's body was found near Kob Medical Care, a few metres from his home. Besides being neighbours, Nkoyoyo and Gamwanga were friends. Nkoyoyo said the killers went away with Gamwanga's two cell phones, and an unspecified amount of money.

Residents said several people had been attacked in a similar way and six of them killed. They blamed the Police for not providing enough security as the festive season approaches.

"We wonder why the Police are deployed in areas that have no problems, leaving the most dangerous unattended to," a resident said.

Others killed in the past three weeks include 20-year-old Violet Nalubwama, a student of Kampala University. She was killed on December 1, near Rider Hotel in Seeta. Residents said they heard her screaming and found her body in a trench with deep cuts on the head.

Henry Kabuubi, 29, a resident of Kisenyi-Namiryango village in Seeta, was killed on December 13 and his body dumped on a railway line. Residents suspected that he was attacked over a sh50,000 note he had during the day.

Also killed during the same period was Saba Munyanwali, a bodaboda rider, at Mukono Taxi Park. He was stabbed in the stomach.

In addition, Nalongo Namusisi, was struck at Kitega near Wantoni market in Mukono town as she went to work in the morning. The iron bar killers also murdered Reagan Amanya, another bodaboda rider in Seeta town, and took off with his motorcycle.

Other victims survived, but are still nursing wounds. These include Jackson Sseremba, a builder based in Mukono town, who was hit as he walked to Seeta town in the morning.

Moses Lubulwa and Moses Muhumuza, both bodaboda riders, are still undergoing treatment after they were hit and their motorcycles taken. Steven Lutalo and John Nkugwa also survived by a whisker. Last month, three people were killed and many injured in various towns of Mukono district.

Those killed include Josephine Namubiru, who was frying cassava in her stall near Rider Hotel at about 6:00am. The killers went away with her mobile phone and petty cash.

Saad Kalyango, a teacher at Vincent Alex Primary School, Dickson Ssentongo, a journalist attached to Prime Radio, were also murdered in a similar way.

Seeta Police Police boss Abdul Nasser recently said the Police were holding village meetings to sensitise the public on ways of avoiding such attacks. The Police criminal investigations chief, Edward Ochom, said the criminals were mostly former convicts.

A survivor's tale

Sam Ejibua, 33, said he was attacked by two iron bar-wielding men at 4:00am on December 11, as he walked to his house in Zone 9, Mutungo, Nakawa Division. He said the attack occurred on his way from a dinner at Hotel Africana.

Ejibua added that the thugs took off with his wallet and a Nokia mobile phone. The wallet contained sh250,000, my identity and ATM cards. The iron bar dislodged his molar tooth and broke the nasal bridge. He was saved by a neigbhour, who carried him to a nearby clinic.

"I reported the case to Kitintale Police post. The Police said they could not help me, not even to trace my phone. I lost interest in the matter," Ejibua said.

Over 20 injured in Nairobi bus attack

By Steven Candia
and Reuben Olita

AT least one person was killed and over 20 injured in the Kenyan capital Nairobi last night in a bomb attack on a Kampala-bound bus.

The attack was carried out at the terminal of Kampala Coach Bus service on River Road. Kenya police could not immediately confirm whether it was a terrorist attack. There were conflicting reports concerning the incident and the causalities.

"There was a bag which was about to be loaded onto a Kampala-bound bus. It exploded and people were injured," Charles Owino, deputy police spokesman told Reuters by telephone.

But other Kenyan media reported that two of the attackers were shot by police as they tried to escape from the scene. Owino could not confirm the reports.

The Kampala Coach bus was preparing to leave for Kampala when four unknown attackers reportedly threw grenades at its entrance as passengers were boarding.

According to Kenya media, the person killed is suspected to be one of the attackers. Several of the victims were rushed to various medical facilities in Nairobi for first aid.

Earlier at a briefing in Kampala, Uganda Police urged people in the countryside to be security conscious, especially about terrorism, as the nation heads into a festive season.

They asked the people living in rural areas to be more vigilant, saying the threats are not only restricted to the urban areas.

"Many people in the rural areas think that terrorism is a Kampala affair, but I urge them to drop that kind of thinking because it (terrorism) is an issue of national concern and calls for vigilance at all levels," said Lameck Kigozi, the central region Police spokesman.

"We may blanket Kampala with security but they may choose to go for some other place," he added.

The alert issued by Kigozi came on the same day as Police boss Maj. Gen. Kale Kayihura warned of "strong indications" that Al-Qaeda linked militants wanted to attack during the Christmas period.

Uganda in July suffered East Africa's worst attacks in 12 years when suicide bombers struck two Kampala bars, killing 79 people. The attack was claimed by Somalia's Al-Qaeda-inspired Al-Shabaab militants.

Kayihura said they had received information over possible attacks and Uganda was working with neighbouring countries to avert them.

Police cautioned the public of the rampant fire outbreaks, and warned that it would hold culpable any person who will be found to have negligently caused a fire outbreak. It also warned of an extortionist scheme by fraudsters claiming to be registering foreign nationals in the country.

Fire leaves 500 people homeless

Men and women break down wood fences to stop the spread of the fire that left about 500 people homeless
Men and women break down wood fences to stop the spread of the fire that left about 500 people homeless
By Olandason Wanyama        
A massive fire razed down five settlements in Karamoja on Saturday, leaving over 500 people homeless.

The three-hour blaze began in Nawanatau village in Komeret parish, Nadunget sub-county in Moroto district. It later spread to the neighbouring villages.

Elderly women wailed as dark smoke engulfed the remote villages, sending signals of calamity to other settlements.

Daughters struggled with their mothers who preferred suicide to witnessing their property being reduced to ash.
The men dismantled huts and fortified fences to stop the fire but all their energy was in vain.

Paulo Oitakol said the fire started when a girl was preparing porridge in their family hut at 2:00pm.

“A whirlwind drove the fire from the fireplace onto the hut,” he explained.

The whereabouts of the girl is unknown. The Police saved her mother from being lynched by residents.

Oitakol said because of the strong winds blowing across Karamoja, the fire spread very fast. “We could not help ourselves,” he said.

Oitakol said residents lost cooking utensils, water containers, poultry and personal belongings in the inferno.

He appealed to the Government and donor agencies to support the affected families.

The LC2 chairperson of Komeret parish, Peter Erobobo, described the disaster as unfortunate.

“Getting grass and poles is quite difficult since the dry season has begun,” he said.

Erobobo said the Police arrived at the scene early but lacked fire-fighting equipment to contain the inferno. “They would have put out the fire if they were equipped.”

The Moroto district Police commander, Richard Anyama, asked residents to relocate to the nearby community school.

“For purposes of security of property and young children, we can move to the school compound,” he urged.
Anyama advised the Karimojong to be careful while handling fire at home.

He appealed to the Government to send fire trucks to the districts, saying fires were common in the area.

On Friday, 99 families in Lotome sub-county, Napak district lost all their household property to the wild fires that are now ravaging the sub-region.

Daily Game Dec 20 - Zombie Bites

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Daily Game Dec 19 - K.O.L.M.

You're broken and need to please your mother by doing as you're told.

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Daily Game Dec 18 - Tag Attack

A pretty and simple space game, well suited for the casual gamer. Just aim your mouse on the aliens to pop them up.

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Mobile web Gmail in 44 languages

Prototype Face book Features accidentally Go Live

Facebook accidentally went live with a handful of prototype features earlier today, including a site-wide yet short-lived overhaul of Pages.

Roughly 45 minutes after the mistaken update, Facebook disabled the site, reverted back to its previous state and then tweeted apologetically about the downtime. But that brief span of time was enough for Facebook members and Page admins to get a sneak peak at new features in the works.

Facebook admitted to pushing features before their time. “Also, some internal prototypes were exposed to people and resulted in us disabling the site briefly. It’s now back to normal,” read a tweet from Facebook.

So what were those prototypes exactly? Screenshots shared with us and surfaced through other media outlets suggest all of the following: new Facebook Pages (with Questions integration), a “Switch Accounts” feature for Page Admins, a new Memories feature that chronicles photos and status updates from years past and an “Outside World” filter for the News Feed.

What follows is a deeper look at what some Facebook users saw today.

Update: We’ve added two new prototypes to this post based on your comments: A lightbox UI for Photos and a comment box that no longer includes the “Comment” button.

Were you privy to these or other changes? Share your thoughts in the comments.
New Facebook Pages

Pages got a temporary facelift with a tab-free design — the navigation instead being placed on the left-hand side of the Page — that more closely resembles Facebook Place Pages and member Profiles. We also noticed that Questions were integrated into the Pages experience and that Facebook introduced a “Switch Accounts” feature for Page admins.

We initially thought it strange that new Facebook Pages would be released without an announcement from Facebook. Commenters agreed; many of you expressed displeasure at the idea that would Facebook would overhaul Pages without notifying you of the changes first.

When pressed for clarification specifically around Pages, a Facebook spokesperson shared the following statement: “While we are always experimenting with new features internally we are not making changes to Pages right now. Organizations invest a lot of time on their Facebook Pages because millions of people find them useful everyday. We remain committed to providing ways for Page owners to customize and control the experience on their Page. If we do make changes, we will provide partners with advance notice.”


Several users reported having access to a new “Memories” option listed below Photos in the left-hand menu on their Profile Pages.

A Mashable commenter said of the feature, “I was online during the glitch and also saw a new MEMORIES link under my profile pic. It’s gone now but I did get a sneak peek while it lasted. It allowed you to look back at status updates, photos, and new friends…giving a snapshot of each year I’ve been on FB.”

The Next Web reporter Courtney Boyd Myers saw the Memories option and described it in a similar fashion. “It showed options for jumping to photos grouped by years: 2010, 2009, 2008, etc. with complementing information like status dated status updates, the number of friends added per year, events attended and Facebook places check-ins,” she wrote.

Memories would make for a pleasant (hopefully) walk down memory lane, so we hope this features finds its way back to Profile Pages in the near future.
Outside World News Feed Filter

We also found some evidence that Facebook may still be testing a filter for the News Feed called “Outside World.” Twitter user @casschin posted a TwitPic of the filter that shows the News Feed with a Most Recent drop-down menu that includes “Outside World” as a filter.

FBHive first unearthed the filter back in 2009 and speculated that it was an RSS-like option for the News Feed. At the time, TechCrunch confirmed with Facebook that the filter was for internal staffers only. We’re not quite sure to make of this one just yet.
Photos Lightbox UI

Several commenters have said they also saw the lightbox UI for Facebook Photos, albeit with a few bugs. The photo included here comes courtesy of Mashable reader Andrew Mrozkowski.

The feature was first previewed when Facebook upgraded Photos two months ago. “Any time you click on an image anywhere on Facebook, be it in an album or in your News Feed or on a friend’s Wall, you’ll see a black box hovering over the rest of the screen with some minimal navigation controls and relevant social features, allowing you to concentrate completely on the image at hand,” said Mashable reporter Jolie O’Dell at the time.
Removal of “Comment” Button from Comment Box

Facebook may have pushed a premature update to comment boxes earlier today, according to Mashable readers. Readers are reporting that comment boxes temporarily mirrored those in the new Facebook Groups product and did not have the “Comment” button. Without the button, a user simply needs to hit the Enter/Return key to submit his comment.

The screenshot above is merely a mock up, but these reports sound about right.

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Daily Game Dec 17 - Line Runner 2

Create your running path by drawing the line and get to the finish line before time runs out.

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Solar Prominence Eruption (JHelioviewer/ SDO AIA)

Daily Game Dec 16 - Neon Race

Race through the streets while crashing cars to gain a speed boost, and upgrade your car between tracks, in this slick racing game.

Neon Race is powered by