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Imagine Kampala with out boda boda and Taxis -

Some day Kampala will be congestion free no boda boda and no Taxis every where. These babies are light so is the track
They are a combination of monorail , Maglev and personal Vehicle.

Police investigate attempted luring in Delaware

Delaware State Police are looking into the report of a man who allegedly attempted to lure a child into his work van Wednesday evening.

The incident occurred at approximately 6:10 p.m. as the 12-year-old girl was standing on the sidewalk awaiting a ride outside Stanton Middle School, located on Limestone Road.
The girl tells investigators that a man driving a white van entered the school driveway and pulled up next to her. The man then told the girl to "get in the van".
The girl tells police she then held her iPod to her ear and told the man she was calling 9-1-1. He then fled and was last seen traveling southbound on Limestone Road.
The suspect is described as a white male, 35-45 years of age, with a dark crew cut styled hair. He was last seen wearing a dark sweatshirt and was operating a white work van.
A spokesperson for Red Clay School District says the girl is not a student at Stanton Middle School or in the Red Clay District. Because the incident occurred near one of their schools, the School District will make parents aware of what happened through 'Alert Now,' which is a phone message alert system.
If anyone has any information in reference to this incident they are asked to contact Troop 6 at 302-633-5000 or Delaware Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333.

ABC News 

Friday, October 29, 2010

Iresistable USB hub and cable management

 This Contort is a plug-in 4-port USB hub, and the cord management roll enables users to keep an iPod Dock Connector cable, micro-USB cable and mini-USB cable neatly spooled for charging just about anything. It's up for pre-sale as we speak at $29.99,

Chrome extension that puts Facebook in its place-Disconnect

Facebook is connected to more sites across the Internet than most would think possible of something other than Google, but a new Chrome extension hopes to allow users to stop their browsing habits outside the social network from becoming more research and marketing fodder for Mark Zuckerberg.
The extension, called Facebook Disconnect, blocks contact between your browser and Facebook's servers when you're browsing the regular Web. While there are other ways to do this manually, they usually amount to a full block on ** traffic, whereas this extension still allows normal use of your Facebook account and leaves "like" buttons on websites completely intact for you to continue sharing.
At the moment, the extension works silently, but its creator, Brian Kennish, is hoping to implement an Omnibar icon that would let the user know when Facebook connections are getting the kibosh put on them.
Comments thus far are showing no issues, and only one bug has been reported at the time I'm writing this. Kennish only has one warning -- that it only took a day to code! He also assures would-be downloaders that, while he is a Google engineer working on the Chromium Project, that this is strictly personal.

Adobe Flash Media Gateway enables VoIP and video conferencing from Flash Player and AIR

Flash Media Gateway VoIP
Adobe announced yesterday that you'll soon be able to make VoIP calls right from Flash Player. A server solution from Adobe called Flash Media Gateway will enable you to make calls to landlines, cell phones, and computers using a SIP gateway. And if you happen to have a webcam (and who doesn't these days), it will even support video chat using H.264.

The interconnection fun doesn't stop there -- AIR apps will apparently get the same capability. That means that you might soon get cross-platform VoIP apps based around Adobe's AIR runtime, which recently made the jump to TVs, tablets, and smartphones. With Flash getting constantly knocked down in the embedded video market, it looks like Adobe's pulling out all the stops in order to keep it relevant. If Flash Media Gateway can use AIR apps to enable chat between the big screen TV and your tablet or smartphone, then color us excited.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Yet again Apple's White iPhone delayed

Again the elusive white iPhone has been delayed.
The white version of the device is now not due until next spring. This is the third delay of the device, as it was at first extended from launch day in June until the second half of July. Then it was pushed until “later this year” in late July. Now for the next question: will it actually beat the next version of the device itself to market?
Like clockwork, Apple unveils a new version of the iPhone each year at their WWDC conference in early June. It usually goes on sale shortly after that in late June/early July. Summer this year doesn’t technically start until June 22, and there’s a very good chance that the next version of the device, let’s call it “iPhone 5″, will at least be unveiled in the spring — now the stated launch of the white iPhone.
Adding to the confusion is the whole Verizon iPhone storyline. It’s generally believed now that Apple will unveil a CDMA version of the iPhone that’s compatible with Verizon’s network in January of next year. It would likely go on sale shortly after that. This should be a modified version of the iPhone 4. But at WWDC, Apple could unify the iPhone product line with a CDMA/GSM version of the iPhone 5. Would Apple really want two other versions (the Verizon iPhone 4 and a white iPhone 4) being released only months or weeks before that?
You’ll note that in the Reuters story, Apple isn’t quoted as saying a “white iPhone 4″ is coming, just that a “white iPhone” is. Perhaps the idea now is just to scrap the second shade until the iPhone 5?
That will piss off a lot of people who were waiting for the white one. But for whatever reason, Apple just hasn’t been able to get it made. And that’s odd considering that I played with one at the unveiling of the iPhone 4 in June (see picture above). I didn’t notice anything wrong with it, but there have been reports that it was hard to color the enclosure in the right white pigment or that it was letting light bleed through.
Who knows what is going on. All I know is that this may actually be a better option if you want a white iPhone 4 at this point.

iMovie Eleven and its telephoto settings

You may not know what it's called but you've definitely seen it. The wobble or "jelly" effect seen in video captured by cameras with CMOS sensors relying upon rolling shutters instead of the global shutters found in cameras with CCDs. The issue stems from the way a CMOS acquires the image by recording each frame in horizontal bands, working from the top to the bottom. Since all parts of the image are not recorded at the same time, moving the camera, even slightly at telephoto settings, causes the image to skew and go all rubbery. Well, iMovie 11 can fix that, or at least smooth it out with options for Low, Medium, High, and Extra High distortion reduction. It's just one of many new additions including the often discussed Movie Trailers, support for 24p footage, vastly improved audio editing, and a People Finder feature that lets you search for family members in raw footage... but it might be our favorite.

World's Fastest supercomputer China's Tianhe-1A

RIP Tom Bosley

Tom Bowsley
Tom Bosley

Born: Oct 1, 1927
Died: Oct 19,2010
Tom Bosley, the folksy father of Richie Cunningham on the '70s sitcom about the '50s, ABC's Happy Days, died Tuesday in his Palm Springs, Calif., home. On Oct. 1, he had turned 83.

The actor died after a brief battle with lung cancer.

Before finding fame on the small screen, Bosley won a Tony for starring as the beloved New York City Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia in the Pulitzer-Prize-winning 1959 musical Fiorello!. He also made a memorable mark in the 1964 Peter Sellers cult comedy The World of Henry Orient, as the too-understanding husband of Angela Lansbury's character.

After Happy Days, he would frequently costar with Lansbury on her CBS series, Murder She Wrote.

Pic the new ''my space'' as revamped

Steps to save 30% of your monthly income

By Sylvia Juuko

THE cost of living is on the upward match. It is therefore becoming imperative to be innovative to meet the changes, given the mostly constant level of income.

Every shilling you spend or decision you make about money today will have an impact on your future financial health. So watching where your money goes should become your daily pre-occupation.

But have you ever considered why people with an income lower than yours seem to do better on personal finances? Despite their modest income, they save more, have invested in property and enjoy a decent lifestyle without the flamboyance that characterises ‘aspirationals’. You, on the other hand, earn five times more but you are still renting an expensive apartment in a leafy suburb, can barely meet your expenses due to an extravagant lifestyle and you mostly borrow for consumption.

This, therefore, cements the argument that personal finance experts put forth that, it is not what you earn that matters but how you manage it and what you keep.

As it is, the excuse of wanting to earn more money in order to maintain a decent living and later on save to invest doesn’t hold water.

If you have not yet paid attention to where your money goes, there a couple of ways to do so. Once you examine your lifestyle, there is always room to trim your expenses. For starters, pay yourself first through automatic deduction. Many of us opt for saving after expenditures but never get to it because nothing is left anyway.

The best way to achieve this is having a standing order that allows for deduction of your income that is channeled through an interest yielding account as soon as it lands on the account.

Further still, focus on those items like coffees or even beer that you consume daily as an area that you can cut back on.

If you spend sh10,000 per day on lunch and go out every evening, is it a surprise that you are perennially broke. You could consider packing lunch on some days of the week as well as cut down on daily outings.

You should also take note of what you need through compiling a grocery list that you stick to. Stories are common of households that go for shopping every other day without taking an inventory of what is in the pantry or fridge. An inventory can save you several shillings.

Do window shopping before making a purchase decision. Whenever you are in a retail outlet, make note of the prices.

You will discover that there are some savings to be made if you watch the price tags. Always be on the lookout for discount days that some retailers announce during the week or month.

You should know by now the advantage of bulk purchases or purchasing at wholesale outlets. If you cannot meet the bill, you can collaborate with the same interest people to bulk-purchase and share the items. This saves some bucks. Further more, some households have two cars which hikes the fuel bill.

If both of you work in the same area, do car pooling on some days to save some fuel money.

For some town runs, it is effective to park at your workplace and use public means if the places you are going to are easily accessible. It will save you fuel as well as the hustle of driving around trying to secure an elusive parking slot. More so, walking is also good exercise for the health watchers.

Another expense that most of us incur is phone bills. Given the discount bonanza in the telecommunications market, it is crucial to scrutinise deals on offer and remember some companies have a clever way of marketing their discounts where you may end up spending more.

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Is Spending For the Visitors A Wise Point To do?

Is Spending For the Visitors A Wise Point To do?

Ugandan survives US deportation

A Ugandan woman who claimed her life was in danger in her home country won a reprieve from immigration officials last week and will stay in Cincinnati in the US.

Cissy Lyagoba, who fled Uganda in 1994, faced deportation. But local Catholic groups, including the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, took up her cause earlier this year and launched a letter-writing campaign on her behalf.

Lyagoba’s case began in 1994 when she went to the US and applied for asylum, claiming her first husband was abducted and killed in Uganda because of his political activities. She later married a fellow Ugandan refugee and started a family.

Her new husband, Grace Mbeine, was granted asylum, but Lyagoba’s request was denied.

Her appeal was filed late and several courts rejected her attempts to reopen the case.

Lyagoba, who has two daughters, came to the attention of local Catholic activists after she was jailed for six months while awaiting deportation.

US congressman Steve Driehaus also lobbied immigration officials on her behalf.

They argued that Lyagoba had done nothing wrong and that her asylum appeal was lost only because a previous lawyer missed a filing deadline.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Afflicted by Jiggers pt 1

Afflicted by Jiggers pt 2

Female urinals introduced in China

CHINA-Shaanxi Province University has installed six urinals for female students saying the new system saves up to 160 tonnes of water a year. In the new system, women are supposed to stand up to pee. The urinal is designed with a funnel placed with designed partitions surrounding the urinals as a respect for privacy and understandable awkwardness. Even though they are warm and inviting, they do not seem to be working well. Students claim it is hard to urinate while standing. The guild is planning a protest saying the natural convenience should not be sacrificed due to money concerns.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Inflatable boobs and disposable underwear released

Inflatable boobs and fart pads
US-Kim Olenicoff, founder of Solutions That Stick Inc., has released warky products like fart-absorbing pads, inflatable bra inserts, and disposable underwear. Subtle Butt is a small strip of activated carbon fabric with an antimicrobial layer that absorbs the stench of farts when placed inside underwear. According to the company website, these products which cover up the stench after you pass gas, are a huge seller online. This and inflatable inserts for bras are popular among lovers. The insert was voted highly by both male and female sexes among dating couples.

Chilean mine survivor to choose between wife and mistress

CHILE-One of the rescued miners, Johnny Barrios, started a new life with his mistress, Susana Valenzuela, after his wife stayed away from the reception party when he surfaced after 69 days. Marta Salinas said she was humiliated after discovering that her husband had a mistress. The women ran into each other during a vigil to wait for the rescue and fought over a poster the mistress had hung up for him. The wife said Barrios was free to go and stay with Valenzuela.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I survived mob justice by a whisker

A policeman helps a mob justice victim get onto a Police pick-up truck after rescuing him
A policeman helps a mob justice victim get onto a Police pick-up truck after rescuing him
By Vision Reporter

THE day, April 10, began like any other Saturday. I had worked tirelessly in the week, so I woke up at my usual time, 9:00am. I did the home chores and was ready to listen to the Capital Gang, a weekly local radio talkshow, at 10:30am.

That day, the panelists were hosting Lwemiyaga MP, Theodore Ssekikubo, who was drumming up support for his election as NRM party Secretary General.

After parting company with the show at noon, I told the maid, who was just one day old at home, that I was heading to the trading centre to buy meat for the weekend.

On the way, I changed my mind and decided to first visit a near-by wellness centre for a massage. I had struggled through the past two weeks with a persistent back pain. I went to Zzana, on Entebbe Road. My place of choice, a hotel in the centre, was not yet ready to offer the service. Despite that, a waitress was insisting on taking my money, contradicting the word I had received from the boy at the counter.

Her insistence infuriated me and I stormed out of the roadside Florida Hotel. I crossed the Entebbe Road to the taxi stage, ready to go back home.

A taxi stopped for me, but no sooner had I opened the front door than a group of men shouted out and instructed a man who had also crossed the road to arrest me. “The man is going and you are just looking,” they told him. I never resisted the “arrest” as the taxi driver also evaded me, thinking, probably, that I was a thief.

The man held my trousers and his colleagues, too, crossed and pounced on me. I didn’t know why I was being harassed, but all they shouted was, ‘bring the money and the phone you have stolen from the lady’. I got more confused, as blows and kicks rained on me. They forced me to cross the road back to the side of the hotel.

At that point, I began crying to be taken to the Police as other idle men joined the beating crew. When they started dragging me towards isolated places, I thought I was nearing my death. The beating continued until we met an armed Policeman.

The Policeman held my hand as he led me to Kikumbi Police Post, about 200 metres away. Some of the men retreated, while others went with me till the Police post.

By the time we reached the post, I had bruises and my sandals had been taken. My face, drenched in blood, was slowly getting swollen.

On arrival, one of the men emptied my pockets, removed my shirt and tore my belt. When he saw a scar from an operation I had had 14 months before, he ‘confirmed’ to the Policemen that he had seen a bullet-wound scar as he pushed me into the cell. This man, whom Policemen referred to as Alex, I later learnt, was also a Policeman, but plain-clothed.

From my new home, the size of a square metre, I could hear one of my beaters make a statement incriminating me. “We are tired of these conmen,” he raged. “That man came with a lady from Kawempe to Hotel Florida and then conned her of money and a phone,” he narrated to the Police. I laughed and cried. Laughed because the goons were lying to the Police and their stories would not add up. “Where is the woman who was conned,” one Policeman asked. “She went back to Kawempe in tears,” one of my beaters said. I cried because I was writhing in pain. I had gone for a massage and surely, my beaters had more than ‘massaged’ me.

After they had gone, I begged the Policemen to let me out and hear my story. Although they obliged, my narration fell on deaf ears. They wanted names of my “accomplices”. Since I had no names to give them, they sent me back to my cell.

The cops, in the presence of the O/C, were hatching a plan to transfer me to the Rapid Response Unit, a centre for hardcore criminals, in Kireka, near Kampala. When they called me out again, my story never changed. I then broke down in tears. To silence me, a Policeman, whose shirt had an inscription of the name Mugisha, hit my knee with a baton and I kept quiet.

I was sent back to the cell. It now dawned on me that I would have no headway. I painfully went down on my knees and said 20 Hail Mary’s. After about 10 minutes, the Policeman who saved me from the mob, one Mulumba, opened for me.

I was ordered to make a statement. I begged the O/C to allow me call my brother to bring my ID from home. Miraculously, he handed me the phone and I called my brother and another friend of mine, Rosaria, to bring the ID.

I was later released without any charge preferred against me, from where i proceeded to hospital.

Scans at the hospital showed no internal injuries and I was given a one-week rest. On Monday April 19, I began work, although with some difficulty. The day went well but I failed to get sleep in the night. While on my way to work on Tuesday, I started feeling backache and numbness on my limbs. I was on phone again, contacting Rosaria. She was also nearby. She abandoned work and rushed me to Kampala Hospital.

By the time I reached hospital, I was almost dead. My legs and arms were numb and stiff, my eyeball fixed in one position, the tongue heavy and I was breathing faster than normal. I stormed the doctor’s room and told her my name. When I lay on the bed, I got seizures and the body seemed as though it had been subjected to electric shocks.

Rosaria called my father, a priest and my friends. I got the sacrament of anointing the sick where I had been admitted.

He arrived, embraced me and said: “Lord, here is your faithful servant. While here he did all he could to serve you. Please Mother Mary receive him.” What other better send-off message would I require than that? At the moment, I was breathing with difficulty with half of my eyes closed. When I regained my senses, my friends had gathered around me, but my body was functioning much better.

According to the doctors, I had suffered from a panic attack. In this post traumatic stress disorder, the mind was still suffering from the traumatic incident.

I was subjected to a psychotherapy, which improved my condition. It is now five months down the road, but I am still recuperating with daily medication. I visit the doctor and the psychiatrist once a month and will continue for the next four months.

It is then that I thought of how mentally strong the people who witnessed the Kony atrocities are, and I am still looking for answers to what the government of Rwanda did to its citizens who experienced the infamous 1994 genocide.


There was drama in Kampala when a butcher's daily takings were stolen by his colleagues, after pleas for the guilty party to own up yielded no tangible results, He sought the help of a traditional medicine man who after mixing magic portions and asking every suspect to sip,

Two young men went berserk and starting rotating , causing both panic and excitement among the residents
Video Will be coming up shortly.

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3 Steps to organise your finances

Get organized ;
An important step in achieving a financially fit lifestyle is to get organized. This requires managing not only your financial documents, but also your time.

Devote time to finances ;
Dedicate time each week to thinking, talking, and learning about money management. Consider financial planning to be part of your normal routine. Just as you would schedule time to go to the grocery store or visit the gym, you should also plan time to maintain a healthy financial life.

Create filing system ;
Becoming a stronger money manager requires that you know, or can obtain, detailed information about your financial situation. If this information is not at your fingertips, you need to collect it and create a filing system to keep it organized.

Keep Track of Your Expenses;
Gaining control of your financial situation and using money to help you reach your goals is possible, but first you must recognize where your money goes. Evaluate your habits.

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Romantic moment gone sour

By Michael Kanaabi

Is date rape a myth or reality?
After weeks of pursuing you, he invites you for a date and you accept. He takes you to a great restaurant where you have a fabulous meal, talk about everything and nothing, with you occasionally getting all flirty and giggly. He lays his cards on the table about how he wants you to be his girl friend, and you say 'yes'.

After a very enjoyable evening, it is now quite late, so he convinces you that will be safer for you to spend the night at his house. You think: I trust him, why not?

When you get there, the atmosphere is almost electric. You get comfy, he kisses you and things are getting heated up, but you are not ready to go the whole nine yard with him, so you start to pull away in protest, but he will not hear any of it. Now, you are scared, and he is getting rough. You struggle, but perhaps because of the shock, you do not scream, give up the fight and let him have his way with you.

So what really happened?
You cannot really know what happened especially if you were tricked into accepting a drink ' who knows it could have been spiked with something, says Lorine Apio, whose friend was a victim of date rape.

It is rare for date rape to occur when one is sober since even the 'crudest' of men who do it know this. Recent research published in the the UK, covering a sample of 75 women, showed that two out of three women who reported date rape were drunk and one out of five of the victims had sizeable amounts of cocaine with some having both of them.

Dr. Moses Muntu, a counsellor, says he has handled a couple of cases in this area and has realised that excessive alcohol intake among ladies is a major facilitator of date rape.
It inhibits your judgment and makes it 10 times easier for the man to mislead and misuse you, he says.

Apio says it usually comes from trusting too fast and too much which allows you to be free with a new man in your life when you should still be skeptical about him.

As long as you have lowered your guard, it will be much easier for him to coerce you and manipulate you into drinking more alcohol than you should, then offer a visit to his house as well, which you would have otherwise thought twice about, she says.

The venue where the date takes place being far from the girl's home is also a serious facilitator of date rape. This is usually the case when you decide to have a date for just the two of you in a place far from your home and probably nearer his place. So, incase it gets really late, it is a natural choice to end up at his home where you may get raped  Dr Muntu says.

Sometimes, the women actually make it much easier by accepting to go to the guy's home with no persuasion or coercion at all, then get cosy with him and before they realize it, they have had sex unwillingly, argues Job Kisawuzi, who has been in this sort of situation before.

At this point, some men cannot control themselves and whether it comes by consent or force, they will do anything to have sex, Kisawuzi says.

What happened to going for group dates and having people look out for each other? asks Anita Karungi, a married woman and mother of three. In our days as young ladies, that was the case and through that, we avoided things such as date rape.

Dealing with it
The first reaction should be to call out for help as soon as you can, even when the rape is going on. You can call the Police immediately after the act and make sure you get an emergency medical examination and treatment, says Dr. Muntu.

You should follow this up with counselling services to deal with the guilt and trauma.

Never trust too much or too fast, Apio reiterates. Sometimes, it is the people you love, respect and never suspect can do anything bad to you that will surprise you, so always have your guard raised high and be alert.

Dr. Munut advises that one should avoid alcohol when you out on a date if you cannot control your drinking or get tipsy and drunk too fast. This makes you more vulnerable, he says.

On top of this, you always endeavour to have dates in restaurants and bars nearer your home, or those easily accessible by public transport - even throughout the night - so that you are not caught in a position where you have to retire to your date's home.

You can ask some friends to accompany you and hang out in the same restaurant a few tables away from where you are.

If you accept an invite to his place, do not get too unnecessarily cosy with him, as this may arouse him sexually, and abet the rape, Dr. Muntu adds.

As surreal as it may sound, date rape is real, so one need take precaution. In the event that you or someone you know has already been a victim, seek help, Dr. Muntu concludes.

From my heart: I love male attention

Hellen Lukomwa
Hellen Lukomwa
Hellen Lukomwa is a member of HB Toxic, a female dancing group. She is also an actress and model. Rehema Aanyu talked to her about relationships

Do you love being in the limelight?
Yes I do, because it comes with benefits like free dinners, free entrances to concerts and respect.

How about the male attention?
Definitely yes. Normal attention is good. Every woman once in a while loves to be told that she is beautiful and smart. I would, however, get concerned when a guy starts stalking me.

Any stalker incident so far?
Someone some time called me, saying he liked me. After a while, he told people he was my boyfriend. He was calling me all the time, asking me where I was and why I was not picking his calls. I became rude and told him off. He stopped bothering me.

Doesn't this attention bother your boyfriend?
Like any other man, he becomes insecure sometimes. However, I always explain it to him. He is an understanding guy.

Can you commit to one man?
Yes, if he proves he is worthy. In all my relationships, I go for the best. This gives me the opportunity to love and be open with him.

Would you pay the bill on the first date?
I would not. It is the guy's responsibility. He has to show me that he can take care of me. I think he would not be happy if I did it. I would pay later, in our subsequent dates.

What is your obsession with skimpy outfits?
We live once. Why not flash a little before I give birth or grow old? Besides, I am in showbiz. I have to be artistic.

US First Lady Michelle ObamaThe world's most powerful woman

US First Lady Michelle Obama
US First Lady Michelle Obama
First Lady Michelle Obama is the world's most powerful woman, according to the latest ranking from Forbes magazine.

This year's list of the Most Powerful Women on Earth brands singer Lady Gaga more powerful than the woman who is second-in-line to the US presidency, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Mrs. O joins media moguls Oprah Winfrey and Ellen DeGeneres as one of the most-powerful women on the planet, the Finance Bible said this week. Pop stars Lady Gaga and Beyonce' who collaborated on the single ' Telephone'' came seventh and ninth respectively joining a host of political leaders, including Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in the annual poll.

This year's rankings which are divided into four groups: politics, business, media, and lifestyle ' which includes entertainment, sports and fashion' were based more on creative influence and entrepreneurship, says Moira Forbes, vice-president and publisher of ForbesWoman.

Other phenomenal women in the top 100 are:

Madonna (29)

France First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy (35)

Model Heidi Klum (39)

TODAY host Meredith Vieira (40)

Queen Elizabeth II (41)

Sarah Jessica Parker (45)

ABC's Diane Sawyer (46)

Twilight author Stephenie Meyer (49)

Tennis players Serena Williams (55)

Venus Williams (60)

Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour (56)

Fashion designer Vera Wang (91)

Domestic goddess Martha Stewart (99)

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How to video: Makeup tips for beautiful brows - Sponsored Post

Great makeup video for 5 easy steps to great eyebrows. Check it out and RT >>

Kipsiro’s village coach speaks out

Kipsiro  Uganda's  Only Two  Gold Medalist  winner at the just concluded Common Wealth games
Kipsiro receives a walking stick from his father as sports minister Charles Bakabulindi (centre) looks on
Kipsiro receives a walking stick from his father as sports minister Charles Bakabulindi (centre) looks on
By Frederick Womakuyu

ON the day Moses Kipsiro won his first gold medal in the 1,500 metres race, Leonard Erimiya run over 15 kilometres from Chesimat village on the slopes of Mt. Elgon to watch the athletic giant at a video hall in Bukwo town.

Although he got there when the race had ended, he was delighted that his tribesman had won. “I was disappointed because I wanted to see him in action, but was happy that he had won. I celebrated with my family,” said Erimiya.

Erimiya’s celebrations and disappointments did not end there.

On the day Kipsiro won another gold medal in the 10,000 metres race, Erimiya made sure he was at the video hall before the event started.

He was, however, disappointed when all the television sets in Bukwo district lost their signals. “The whole district was disappointed, but was later relieved when a colleague called from Kenya, saying Kipsiro had won.”

Kipsiro won the medals at the Commonwealth games in New Delhi, India.

Who is Erimiya?
To anybody, Erimiya may appear like an ordinary villager, but he is the reason Kipsiro is a hero, champion and the pride of Uganda.

Erimiya was the first to notice Kipsiro’s talent in athletics. He groomed and nurtured him.

His journey with Kipsiro
In 1999 when Erimiya joined Chesimat Primary School, one of the remotest schools in Bukwo, Kipsiro was a primary six pupil.

The school was cut off from the rest of Bukwo due to an impassable road and a bad terrain. The community did not know much about the value of education and sports.

Erimiya was made the sports master of the school because of his love for sports. He also had a rich background in athletics particularly in the 10,000 metres race.

Erimiya initiated sports weekends and sports days at the school. That is how he identified Kipsiro.

“He ran with interest and purpose. I encouraged him to train under my supervision,” Erimiya explained.

Later that year (1999), Kipsiro participated in the zonal athletics championship at Mokoyon Primary School in Bukwo. He did not win, but was among those who completed the 1,500 metres and later 10,000 metres race.

“When we went back home, he cried because he did not win. I told him to train harder. I also learnt that he performed better at 5,000 and 10,000 metre races,” Erimiya added.

While at home and at school, Erimiya made sure Kipsiro trained three times a day. “He used to wake up as early as 4:00am to train,” he explained.

Erimiya described Kipsiro as a quiet person. Apart from Erimiya, Kipsiro also trained with his friends, Wycliffe Muzee and Alex Bukose.

“We would wake up at 3:00am and run into the forest, up and down the mountains. Kipsiro was always first,” said Muzee. The two gave up athletics

Kipsiro wins his first race
This persistence paid off when Kipsiro won the zonal athletics competition at Mokoyon Primary School in 2000, beating many older boys.

He was selected to represent Kapchorwa district at the national level. That year, he was the 8th in the 10,000 metres race.

He then sat for the primary leaving examinations and scored 16 aggregate, passing in division two.

Determined to get a first grade, he decided to repeat primary seven at Kortuk Primary School. On his second attempt, Kipsiro scored aggregate 14.

However, he could not continue his studies because his parents could not raise the school fees.

“When he left school, he joined the church. He was a born-again Christian, having grown up in a home of an uncle who was a pastor.”

“I joined the same church and advised him to continue with athletics. He resumed training,” said Erimiya

Erimiya said he advised Kipsiro to join an athletes camp, which was set up in Bukwo in 2001 by Standard High School Zana.

“It is at this time that I lost touch with him because he was in and out of the district and the country. He occasionally visits me and the school,” he said.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Police hand over recovered children

Namugerwa receives her children from Andiru at Old Kampala
Namugerwa receives her children from Andiru at Old Kampala

She put on her uniform, as usual, to go to school and never came back, Christine Namugerwa of Rakai district explained as she reunited with her daughter, Bena Namulindwa. The 13-year-old vanished on August 28.

She later found out that Namulindwa had vanished with a friend, Zulayika Nabona, 13, who used to stay with her parents in the neighbourhood. Nabona, however had been away for some time.

When Nabona's mother, Jane Nanyondo, went to Namugerwa's place to look for her daughter, that is when the two ladies realised that their children were missing.

Namulindwa is a P.6 pupil of Bright Future Primary School in Mabaale village while Nabona dropped out of school after her mother separated from her father.

Nabona was taken by her grandfather, Bumali, of Ziwa village in Rakai near Kyanika while Namugerwa was rescued from her dilemma by a Good Samaritan who had seen a story and a photo of Nabona in the Saturday Vision of October 2, where she called herself Rita Namayanja. In the story, the girl claimed she had a younger sister, Bena Namugera who had remained at Old Kampala Police.

Although the two girls refused to disclose where they had been, Namugerwa was happy to see them alive. The in-charge of family and children protection unit at Old Kampala Police, Margaret Andiru, regretted: It is unfortunate that town dwellers lure these girls with proposals of a good life and pay which they never get.
Kisakye's relatives found after Saturday Vision story

The story of Victor Kisakye, 15, that appeared in Saturday Vision last week has helped to locate the boy's relatives. Her aunt, Joyce Nassuna, the elder sister to his late father, Francis Ndawula, is a business woman at Nakulabye town.

Nassuna sells matooke and charcoal at the market and has a home nearby.

When someone showed me the photo in the newspaper, I recognised him, she explained, refuting allegations that he did not belong to the clan of Kisakye, whom she referred to as Ndawula.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Apple Tops $ 300 a Share

NEW YORK — Apple's shares topped $300 for the first time in the company's history Wednesday as stellar iPad sales and a planned expansion into China gave investors all the assurance they needed for the iPhone maker's already- healthy prospects.
Shares closed up $1.60 at $300.14 after rising to a record $301.96 earlier. That gives Apple a market capitalization of about $273 billion, having long surpassed such tech heavyweights as Microsoft, Google and IBM, which also hit a record Wednesday.
In fact, Apple's market cap trails only Exxon Mobil's among U.S. publicly traded companies. Exxon's market cap hovers around $330 billion. Big-name corporations such as Wal-Mart — which will sell iPhones and iPads in some of its Sam's Clubs by Christmas — and General Electric don't even come close.
Apple, which reports fiscal fourth- quarter earnings Monday, has been on a tear lately, with sales of the iPad tablet surpassing expectations. Investors also have high hopes for Apple's push to open 25 retail stores in China next year.
Mounting speculation about a Verizon iPhone as soon as 2011 is also adding to Apple's appeal.
Currently, the iPhone is available only from AT&T in the U.S. The Associated Press

Do you wanna dance

Bbumba wins African Bankers award

Bumba giving a speech at the function
Bumba giving a speech at the function
FINANCE minister Syda Bbumba has been named Minister of Finance of the Year at this year’s African Banker Awards for her role in reducing inflation and instituting sound fiscal and monetary policies.

Bbumba’s win underscored a night of celebration for East Africa’s banking industry, as the region exulted in the successes of its achievements. Dr. James, Mwangi, the managing director of Kenya’s Equity Bank, was named African Banker of the Year.

He was credited for revolutionising Kenya’s banking industry, pioneering the first mobile banking technology in the world to reach out to the unbanked, and for championing the empowerment of ordinary people through inclusive finance.

Ethiopia joined winners for the first time since the inception of the awards, with Amhara Credit and Savings Institution taking home the Microfinance Institution of the Year Award.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Meet the 2010 Nobel Prize Winners as announced on Oct 7 2010

Winner Nobel Prize for Literature  

Mario Vargas Llosa the 74 Year old from Arequipa , Peru  said
''Well, I write novels, and ah ... But, I think I am a writer of fiction, you know, because I write plays also, or short stories. But, ah, I don't believe that the different literary genres change the vision, the beliefs ... the feelings that I try to express in my stories.''

Mario Vargas Llosa

The nobel Prize for Physics 

The nobel Prize for Physics was awarded to Andre Geim a 52 year old Russian  from the University of Manchester and a 36 year old Konstantin Novoselov a fellow Russian from Nizhny Tagil, Russia
also from the University for Manchester for their role in the developing the two-dimensional material graphene"
Andre Geim
Andre Geim

Konstantin Novoselov
Konstantin Novoselov

 Nobel Price in Chemistry

Nobel Price in Chemistry jointly awarded to Richard F. Heck from 79 year old from  Springfield, MA, USA and University of Delaware, USA , Ei-ichi Negishi  75 Year old from Changchun, China and Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA and 80 Year old Akira Suzukifrom Mukawa, Japan and Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan for their role in  palladium-catalyzed cross couplings in organic synthesis"

Richard F. Heck
Richard F. Heck 
Ei-ichi Negishi
Ei-ichi Negishi 

Akira Suzuki
Akira Suzuki 
Nobel Prize in Medicine 
Awarded to Robert G. Edwards the 85 year old from Batley, United Kingdom and University of Cambridge, Cambridge, United Kingdom for his role in development of in vitro fertilization".

Robert G. Edwards
Nobel Prize for Peace 
 Nobel Prize for Peace awarded to Liu Xiaobo the 55 Year old from  China for his for his long and non-violent struggle for fundamental human rights in China"

Liu Xiaobo 

US Forces train African Armies

National Jigger eradication Campaign launched

Aging why the Fuss !!!

Lets face it we were all born at one point in time , the only difference is the date that is why some are older and more experienced but how does it come about , I mean who tells the baby that now stop crying and start talking, take a crawl , get up and walk, start puberty, be a man/woman , became a parent, grand parent senior citizen and finally say good bye time out, it is all programmed and saved in an internal clock fearfully and wonderfully designed by none other than God.
Mechanically we try to fight this but the truth remains, this is a fact of life ..always has been and always will be.

Ageing, the accumulation of damage to molecules, cells and tissues over a lifetime, often leads to frailty and malfunction. Old age is the biggest risk factor for many diseases, including cancer, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases.

The realization that time does not have to take its toll came with the discovery of mutant nematodes that far outlived their normal fellow worms. Not only did they live substantially longer, but they seemed to stay younger for longer too. And, remarkably, a single mutation in a single gene was all it took to slow down the wheels of time.

It is now clear that by tinkering with particular signalling pathways and by balancing nutrition, the lifespan of many organisms, including yeast, worms, flies and mice, can be extended. Crucially, the same tweaks often bring about substantial health benefits and seem to delay the onset of age-related diseases. Most of the pathways involved are evolutionarily conserved, so it is likely that some of this research will eventually benefit human health.

The number of people aged 60 years and older is growing rapidly worldwide. So keeping the elderly healthy has to be high on the list of priorities. Ageing research is clearly gaining momentum, as the reviews in this Insight testify, bringing hope that at some time in the future we will be able to keep age-related diseases at bay by suppressing ageing itself. As ageing will affect us all sooner or later, we hope that you will find this collection informative and stimulating.

We are pleased to acknowledge the financial support of AstraZeneca, the Ellison Medical Foundation, the Glenn Foundation for Medical Research and the National Institute on Aging in producing this Insight. As always, Nature carries sole responsibility for all editorial content and peer review.

Many factors control aging and the aging process.  The aging of the skin is the visible sign of aging that concerns most people. The internal body clock, or biological clock, controls the overall aging of your body, how fast your body clock ticks depends on many factors.

The ageing process imageIf you lead a stressful life or do not handle stress well, this will speed up the internal body clock and accelerate the aging process.

Imagine your body as a complex piece of machinery. When finely tuned and well oiled it will go on indefinitely without showing any signs of aging.

On the other hand, if it runs without maintenance, lubrication or the right type of fuel it will soon show signs of aging. It will then struggle to function properly and more than likely break down. Constant repairs will be necessary to replace aging parts just to keep it going. The aging process will be obvious as signs of wear and tear start showing and soon it will be ready for the scrap heap.

How to slow down the aging process

Most people are concerned with their external appearance and any visible signs of aging but the aging of the skin does not exist in isolation from the aging of the rest of your body. The capacity to slow down the aging process can only occur when you take on a complete anti aging strategy designed for your entire body. This is probably just as well because what use is twenty year old skin covering an eighty year old body, if that body feels all the aches and pains associated with the aging process and old age?

Biological Clocks

Biological clocks govern the aging process and biological clocks are very different from the regular clocks we use to measure time in hours and minutes. For a start, their pace varies between individuals. Different circumstances and environments can make biological clocks go faster or slower thus speeding up or slowing down the aging process.

Stress, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and excessive food intake speed up the aging process while improving stress resistance and modest limiting of food intake seems to slow down the aging process.

Maintaining your weight to a level that is close to ideal is best to slow down the aging process and also achieves longevity of life.

Improving antioxidant defenses will help to slow down the aging process. Vitamin E is especially valuable as an antioxidant. Reducing inflammation and weight reduction in overweight individuals will also help to slow down the aging process.

The Aging Process and Vitamin D

Vitamin D is also an extremely important vitamin when it comes to controlling the rate your body ages. Unlike other vitamins, Vitamin D is actually manufactured inside your body but only if you receive enough sunlight. Sunlight is necessary to signal the body to produce its own Vitamin D but remember that prolonged exposure to direct sunlight actually accelerates aging.

Slowing down the aging process requires controlled sun exposure, little and often, not enough to cause sunburn or skin damage but the right amount of sunlight to trigger the production of Vitamin D.

A huge proportion of today’s modern population is deficient in Vitamin D. The recent cancer scares regarding sun damage and warnings of premature aging caused by over exposure to the suns rays have caused many people to shy away from sunlight completely.

It is important to get at least ten minutes of sunlight everyday, I would recommend early evening as the best time because the sun is at its weakest and there is less risk of skin damage.

Photo Age Reverse by Skin Doctors can reverse some of the worst signs of aging caused by the sun. Rigorous testing shows it can also prevent the appearance of further photo-aging of skin.

A large part of slowing down the aging process is being sensible and doing everything in moderation.

With the right information and know how it’s easy to reverse the signs of aging and look younger and more attractive.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Smart Phones LGs Optimus 7 Vs Samsung Omnia 7 at WP7 Launch today

With the lauch of mobile operating system Windows Phone 7 later today  comes two new smart phones the Samsung Omnia 7 and LG E900 which will be sold as Optimus 7,

Samsung Omnia 7, has a 4-inch Super AMOLED, 800×480 pixel screen and a 5-megapixel camera capable of recording 720p video and is powered by a 1GHz Qualcomm QSD8250 CPU, it sports 8 GB of internal storage.

Moreover, the handset comes with WiFi n, Bluetooth, 3.5mm audio jack, and GPS receiver, as well as with all the sensors smartphones pack these days.

A great deal of other features were also included into the mix, such as Pinch & Zoom for Browser, Maps and for Photos, Xbox Live, Zune Music & Video Player, Bing Search, Bing Maps, Microsoft Office, and access to the Windows Marketplace.

The Windows Phone 7 powered Samsung Focus at the launch of new smart phones with AT&T Inc. ahead of the holiday shopping season, that will run on Microsoft's new mobile software, in New York,  Monday, Oct. 11, 2010. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

LG's Optimus 7,
Another WP7 handset has been leaked — on top of the  C900, Panther, and  Cetus handsets in the last week. It’s raining Windows Phone 7 up in here. The E900, which will be sold as the Optimus 7, looks to be a straightforward slate-style handset, lacking the slide-out keyboard of the C900.
Comes with a 3.8-inch screen with 800×480 pixels, a 5-megapixel camera capable of recording 720p video, it  has 16 GB of memory, and also supports Bluetooth 2.1 and Wi-Fi.

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Viva Uganda Now 48 Happy independence anniversary

Today marks 48 years of independence for the Republic of Uganda , on the night of Oct 9 1962 the Union Jack was lowered and the Uganda Flag raised at Kololo Air Strip, Uganda was declared an independent and sovereign state Exactly 48 years ago .
alot has happened over the years with wars , poverty , disease, corruption and illiteracy taking their toll over the land but all is not lost as we say, for God and My country ,
and as our national anthem goes oh Uganda may God uphold thee , we lay our future in thy hands.

God have mercy! Happy Independence

Thursday, October 7, 2010

W3C Says HTML5 Isn’t Ready for the Web

While companies from Google to Apple to Microsoft voice their ardent support for HTML5 and developers rush to show off the fun tricks it can do, those who actually oversee HTML5 are telling the world to cool their britches.
And today, “There is already a lot of excitement for HTML5, but it’s a little too early to deploy it because we’re running into interoperability issues.” Particularly when it comes to video content, different devices and different browsers aren’t handling HTML5 consistently.
“I don’t think it’s ready for production yet,” the official continued. “The real problem is can we make it work across browsers, and at the moment, that is not the case.”
HTML5, which was hatched by the non-W3C Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group in 2004, should be fully approved within two or three years; until then, officials say Flash and Silverlight are still going to remain approved and viable web technologies.
Regardless of these issues, however, HTML5 already has an incredible amount of momentum behind it. Not only has the spec received the aforementioned endorsements from big tech companies; its praises are being sung by developers who have used it to create beautiful and innovative web projects, as well.
We’re fairly uncertain that any developers will stop deploying HTML5 websites simply because W3C officials say the specification and APIs are still undergoing changes, and we’re equally certain that the same developers who are using HTML5 now will not be likely to want to develop with Flash/Silverlight or for older browsers such as IE6.

New Twitter Gets New Search Engine

Twitter has reworked the way its search works — from an architectural standpoint, at least.
Most end users shouldn’t notice any differences just yet, but Twitter’s search should now scale better, index more tweets per second, and use less of Twitter’s system resources. All this newfound scalability and headroom will give Twitter’s developers the ability to build cool new search features in the near future (we’re hoping for an older back catalog of tweets to show up in search results, but nothing like that has been confirmed yet).
So, what ever happened to Summize?
Apparently, this early-stage acquisition from 2008 has all but disappeared; Twitter’s real-time search engine is no longer based on Summize’s technology.
The search architecture is also no longer based on MySQL, the scaling of which, Twitter dev Michael Busch noted, “had become increasingly challenging.”
Around six months ago, Busch (a Lucene committer) and team decided to make the switch to Lucene, a 10-year-old open-source information retrieval software. The team then spent some quality (and quantity) time hacking Lucene to suite Twitter’s unique needs. And of course, since Lucene is open-source, the modifications are being added to Lucene, particularly its real-time branch.
“We rewrote big parts of the core in-memory data structures,” said Busch, “especially the posting lists, while still supporting Lucene’s standard APIs.” The team also improved garbage collection, added lock-free data structures and algorithms and a few other niceties.
We’re impressed that, indeed, we hadn’t noticed any odd behavior or downtime for Twitter search, specifically. But we’d like to know more about the problems Twitter’s engineers were having with MySQL not being able to scale well. You may not have noticed, but database scaling has been something of a recurring theme around here lately.