Friday, October 29, 2010

Chrome extension that puts Facebook in its place-Disconnect

Facebook is connected to more sites across the Internet than most would think possible of something other than Google, but a new Chrome extension hopes to allow users to stop their browsing habits outside the social network from becoming more research and marketing fodder for Mark Zuckerberg.
The extension, called Facebook Disconnect, blocks contact between your browser and Facebook's servers when you're browsing the regular Web. While there are other ways to do this manually, they usually amount to a full block on ** traffic, whereas this extension still allows normal use of your Facebook account and leaves "like" buttons on websites completely intact for you to continue sharing.
At the moment, the extension works silently, but its creator, Brian Kennish, is hoping to implement an Omnibar icon that would let the user know when Facebook connections are getting the kibosh put on them.
Comments thus far are showing no issues, and only one bug has been reported at the time I'm writing this. Kennish only has one warning -- that it only took a day to code! He also assures would-be downloaders that, while he is a Google engineer working on the Chromium Project, that this is strictly personal.

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