Friday, October 29, 2010

Adobe Flash Media Gateway enables VoIP and video conferencing from Flash Player and AIR

Flash Media Gateway VoIP
Adobe announced yesterday that you'll soon be able to make VoIP calls right from Flash Player. A server solution from Adobe called Flash Media Gateway will enable you to make calls to landlines, cell phones, and computers using a SIP gateway. And if you happen to have a webcam (and who doesn't these days), it will even support video chat using H.264.

The interconnection fun doesn't stop there -- AIR apps will apparently get the same capability. That means that you might soon get cross-platform VoIP apps based around Adobe's AIR runtime, which recently made the jump to TVs, tablets, and smartphones. With Flash getting constantly knocked down in the embedded video market, it looks like Adobe's pulling out all the stops in order to keep it relevant. If Flash Media Gateway can use AIR apps to enable chat between the big screen TV and your tablet or smartphone, then color us excited.

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