Social Vibe

Hey yall
It’s me
Mark Zuckerbro
Yes, I’m worth a billion dollars
Yall can go suck it.
I made facebook
with my bare hands
What the eff have u done with ur life?
I have a hit documentary abt my life.
WTF have u done with ur shitty life?
U just use my service
while I’m a fucking baller who owns ur info

See u in Cancun bitches
Not for vacay
but for when I actually buy that city/island/peninsula
My movie ‘’ kills it
Sorta like the newest Michael Moore documentary
Yall know u want to know abt me
Oh whaddup JT? U killin it or what son?

Yeah, I’m richer than u brah
I srsly wipe my ass with ur lifetime income
Have fun with that
Look at these fucking dunces
If they only knew the real story
If they really knew what it was like to have
genuine baller ass status

Go see my documentary: The Social Myspaces
Tweet abt it yall
Get ur social media on
metaphors abt
and I’m effing crushing it
killing it

See all yall poor ppl later
If u can’t see my documentary,
Wipe ur ass with a $1 bill today, and pretend it is worth a million dollars then u will know what it is like 2 be me.
-the Zuck

Kanye West plays more boring songs on SNL, uses ‘smoke & mirrors’ 2 make ppl take him srsly

Saturday Night Live is a sketch show and they have musical guests that come and play. They usually have a stage with a boring ass band, but this time Kanye West was all like ‘nah. gonna have a white background yall.’
Kanye West was on the TV, and he made it all different because he wants u 2 believe he is a ‘real artist.’ Sorta like the same ‘BS’ that Lady Gaga pulls, except he is a rapper, and she just rolls around on the stage humping the ground and letting her boobies pop out. Sooo over this whole modern artist pop icon gimmick. Like ‘we get it, yall. ur more than just a singer… okay, kewl. Don’t care. Lemme just listen 2 u on my iPod or something instead of having to hear boring people shape their identity around taking ur seriously as an artist.’

S000 annoyed, yall.
Was really hoping Kanye West was going to stay retired 4evr, but now he is back and every1 has to cream their pants over him.
Do yall think Kanye West peaked 5-10 years ago?
Here is some other dumb performance where he brings out a bunch of ballerinas or something. At the beginning he ‘pretends he is playing a synth/sampler’ 2 make himself seem more authentic.

Not sure why ppl are creaming their pants over this stuff.
Totes another boring rap performance
Smoke and mirrors
boring ppl saying Kanye is ‘interesting’
and just because he is ‘more interesting’ than honky white dudes playing guitar, he gets ‘mad cred’
Feel like he should at least try to be more like Will.I.Am or something.

Is all rap the same?
Is kanye ovrrtd as an ‘artist’?
Do white people try to seem ‘chill’ with black culture by <3ing Kanye West and Jay-Z?
Did Kanye ‘fix’ Daft Punk [via strongers]?