Secrets to online suceess marketing

Work –many people say I don’t like what I do, I hate my boss, my job, working for the government etc etc if you hate what you do then you have no idea about work , or else you are in the wrong job , truthfully you will never find a magic button which you just push and it pops up money well you may get lucky and Gods gives you a miracle but let’s leave that for another day.
Back to work if you are to be successful at anything you must first love it then the money follows
Why for example you may be a soccer fan and or player and love soccer , as a fan you will find a lot of opportunities and exploit them while enjoying yourself and making money at the same time you can sell regalia, do commentary write about stuff start a website or blog ,make videos of something you love and get paid for doing it or maybe you love fishing you can write about your escapes and fishing gear because you do it you are in better position to demonstrate knowledge and authority about something you know,
I am an accountant, but love IT I can demonstrate a finance data base to an accountant better than any developer because the kind of reports and data capture that an accountant needs.
So my friend there is no escaping from work on or offline just love what you do and do it for fan then the money will naturally follow.
Now there can be a lot of hard work but it also must be persistent you give up at the first pit stop, true you will make mistakes but learn from them better still learn from those who have been and done that in the process you will save yourself a lot of money, effort and time why cause you will not do what doesn’t work you have blue prints of what work the best such place is WA meet the newbie and Master guru ask and answer you will find Online myth demystified.
Don’t say there a thousand ways to fail but rather a thousand ways to try , one ,major success will wipe away all past failures.
Start with what you have many billionaires started from scratch, what did they do right, well they studied the competition and made better whatever their competitors did IBM lost out to Microsoft even upto day they have never caught up why, simple Microsoft revolutionized the way Pcs operated with the world renown windows basically made computing plug and play with simple graphics and mice.
Then there is attitude you need to have the right attitude to whatever it is that you want to do
Stop blaming God, nature your folks, the government, your boss your high school teacher or whoever it is that you want to blame for your behavior just get up dust yourself and be confident that this time you are going to make it at whatever cost, of course within acceptable moral and ethical limits.
Finally Set goals and strive to achieve them, write down what you want to achieve and make sure it within your ability don’t make overambitious goals which will destroy your esteem start with small simple things by the way small simple things eventually add up and become a giant you know the story of Wal-Mart and MacDonald don’t you so please start small and grow big.

I would love to hear from you about what you think matters in becoming a successful online marketer, your comments are important to me and will treated in the utmost confidence
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