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Many companies are now outsourcing accounts payable management/ and other accounting and internal audit functions rather than having their own in-house staff do it.
This offers several advantages to companies.
One, it frees the company responsibility for full-time employees who may need training, and salary upgrade.
This translates to cost-saving.
Another is, it frees the company from the complicated task, leaving it in effect with more resources and time to focus on more pertinent issues whose resolution could help the business grow.
How We can we help ?
We offer
-Business Planning, Strategy Development
-Financial Reporting for SME
- Outsourced Accounting for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises which can – not afford a full time Accountant and or resource limitation
-preparation of adhoc Reports for purposes of (Bank loan requirement, Liquidation, Financial performance, Listing on the Stock exchange, Estate Administration, take over, merger, Buy out, acquisition, partnership split, parallel company etc) for a small charge.
-Taxation Related issues and health Checks
-Auditing both statutory and forensic
-Forecasting/ Budgeting
-Marketing/Competition Survey and Strategies to gain a competitve edge.
Accounting software advisory and Development
We develop both Web and PC based software for all business including schools, hospitals, financial institutions plus customizations of any kind.
Specialized skills in the following
Enterprise Resource Planning software (SAP, Orion) ,
Accounting software
-Solomon Dynamics,
-Tally ERP,
-Sage Pastel
-Networking and Mapping.
-Software development-Accounting ,Human Resource and Inventory
Webdesign- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
-Search Engine Indexing – we will ensure that your social media properties are crawled and indexed by leading search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing (MSN).
-Active Bookmarking – Strategic and active bookmarking helps your social media properties get noticed by leading search engines. We will take care of this, too.
-Write a New Article
-Setup Google Analytics
-Local Optimization
Business Diagnostics and re-engineering.
Tax and Company Law
Investment Trading and Virtual accounting.

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