Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: What You Won't See

Monday night's season-two premiere of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was more heavily anticipated than most.

From the first frame, the Bravo hit directly and immediately addressed the mid-August suicide of Russell Armstrong, the estranged husband of star Taylor Armstrong and father to Kennedy, their 5-year-old daughter.

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Minus Taylor, the core cast was shown gathering at the home of Adrienne Maloof on Aug. 29 to hash out the tragic news.

"A lot of us have some guilt about not seeing this coming," admitted a tearful Kyle Richards. But, she cautioned of Russell, who hanged himself at age 47 amid his crumbling marriage and financial woes: "You cannot feel responsible for that, nobody can. It was his choice. As difficult as that is, life goes on. It has to."

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And the show goes on too -- but with major, ongoing alterations in light of Russell's death.

"We've completed editing on the first few episodes, but are still reviewing the rest of the season," the show's executive producer, Douglas Ross, tells Us Weekly. "Russell does not appear in the first several episodes. At this point, I can't say if Russell will appear at all."

What scenes were definitely left on the cutting room floor for sensitivity's sake? The premiere episode originally featured Taylor, 40, shopping for lingerie in an attempt to spice up her flagging marriage to Russell. "You're not going to see anything like that," a show insider says.


Libya conflict: Armed Gaddafi loyalists flee to Niger

The convoy, of at least 50 vehicles, is said to be headed for the capital, Niamey. It is believed to include Tuareg fighters recruited by fugitive Libyan leader Col Muammar Gaddafi.

Niger's foreign minister said Col Gaddafi is not in the convoy. His spokesman insists he is still in Libya.

The new Libyan authorities say the convoy is carrying gold and cash.

Col Gaddafi has vowed to fight to the death, even though he has lost control of most of the country.

Tuareg ties

Officials from Libya's National Transitional Council (NTC) said the convoy had set out from the Gaddafi-held town of Jufra on Monday.

It arrived later that day in Agadez - 950km (600 miles) from Niamey



U.S. Open: Serena, Wozniacki, Federer reach quarterfinals

There was the brief flap with his opponent, 11th-seeded Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, and the chair umpire over some distracting cheering in the stands.

There were the aching right hip and hamstring that left Fish flat on his back, getting massaged by a trainer before the fifth set.

There was the pressure of knowing that he was, for the first time, the highest-ranked American at the country's Grand Slam tennis tournament.



Peyton Manning injury looms large over team, NFL

(CBS News) 

As the new pro football season begins, the Indianapolis Colts and National Football League are keeping their fingers crossed that Peyton Manning's neck heals in a hurry.

The superstar quarterback is recovering from neck surgery, and apparently isn't ready to play.

On Monday, the Colts announced that, "The doctors have decided that Peyton will not practice. His participation, therefore, in Sunday's game versus Houston will likely be doubtful."

On "The Early Show" Monday, Chris Russo, host of Sirius XM Radio's "Mad Dog Unleashed," said Manning is "a workaholic. So (the inactivity)'s gotta be driving him crazy. You've gotta figure it's fairly serious. The fact that they're telling you now that he's gonna be doubtful for the first part of the year, this could be more than one game, I think it's a concern."

Many experts and fans feel Manning IS the Colts, and Russo said, "Offensively," (losing Manning is a) big issue. They brought Kerry Collins in, who is an experienced backup, who will play these first couple of games. The Colts have a very hard schedule in the beginning of the year. They play the Steelers, they have to play at Houston, they play at Tampa on a Monday night. So if he misses those first (few) games, that's an issue. And their bye week is not until November, so they can't use that bye week to get him better.

Manning signed a $90 million contract during the off-season and, says Russo, "(The Colts) would not have signed him to that contract unless they feel that he's gonna be able to play for a good part of the contract. Because I'm sure they gave him plenty of physicals, and they gave him all that money. So they must feel confident this is a temporary scenario for him. So, I would think that, eventually, he's gonna go play. The streak is not a big deal. He's got this (227 games) consecutive games streak. No sports fan in America really cares about that streak. He's not Lou Gehrig. So the streak is not that big a deal."



"No containment" of Texas wildfire

BASTROP, Texas - Firefighters trying to control a wind-fueled wildfire that has destroyed nearly 600 homes in Central Texas were looking for a few overnight hours of diminished winds as thousands of evacuees spent the night away from their threatened homes.

There's been no significant rainfall over central Texas for a year, said CBS News correspondent Dean Reynolds, and today the consequences of that are being seen in Bastrop and other areas.

Since December, wildfires have consumed 3.6 million acres of Texas - an area the size of the state of Connecticut.

Unfortunately, there is no rainfall in the forecast for the foreseeable future.