Car makemoney online selling

Cars are a  great product to promote and sell why? they satisfy the basic spending traits for rich and empty people.
People are naturally selfish , greedy and love power they will end at nothing to achieve that satisfaction
so if you are into cars just pull up the latest horse power and other conventional , non conventional
add pics and the price there you will have your cut if you can reach that target market.
Selling online is not for the faint hearted results don’t come by easily in fact there is no word no in sales.You can sell books online, magazines , newspapers actually you can sell stuff I mean anykind of stuff on line. Even a fridge or an automobile.
The best resource all of us have is that thing between the ears ie Brain. It makes all the difference
I try very much before writing any article to use the AIDA principle in order to write articles that will give me desirable outcomes. (Attention, Interest, Desire and Action)
So you have been at wealth affiliate you have had the training and done everything by the book
In fact you have cut and pasted almost everything and it seems there is nothing happening
Just remember one thing there is over 100,000 of us here from different walks of life ideas and dreams
Personally I took the training and I’m still on it but guess what I have already identified opportunities

Here is an example
It is almost Easter, consumers are wondering what to buy, producers have been targeting the same season to make offers and bargain sales and in between you as a blogger/ affiliate marketer
Have tools like Keyword tools, azaaxy and a website you know which searches are top hits.
Now that you know what people want all you need is to know what producers have in store and on sale during this time how do find that out , simple subscribe to press releases do a product review and get paid on doing what you do best.
That brings us to the browsing experience
In case you are searching for stuff online , what is at one thing at will make you bookmark a certain site , what will make you refer or subscribe to a particular site? later on share it.
Then go back to yours and see whether you will get the same browsing experience , if not then rethink through your pages and rework them till you get the same level of comfort a random chap from God knows where will stick comment and probably buy from you here are a few pointers
- Make it simple explain the process in layman’s terms for example I’m an accountant I will not be using IAS and IFRs to give simple top and bottom lines to a guy who cares nothing about ROI
- Know your audience , and try to accommodate every one
- Make the site navigable
- Admit you don’t know and ask for opinions instead of making a fool of your self and loosing every ounce of credibility you have accumulated over time.
- Check out your competition and strive at being the best in the game
- Always have a surprise like something that will grip them, shake them and make them want to buy
- Try to differentiate your brand and make your yourself look or feel different
- Have something new and exciting as often as possible so that you keep the customer yearning for more
- To reach a target audience you must think like them for example to reach the teens you must think like a teen know where to find them, know what to say and how to say it try to do that when writing to your audience or making a video /podocast
- Now about the money out line the problem and make your audience feel it , agitate and bring up the pain then give them a sell them a solution.
- ‘’fear, greed ‘’and ‘’bribe’’ are words you don’t have to use because even dishonest people love to do business with honest people
- And lastly remember it is a fluid environment what works today may not work tomorrow always have the right message to the right audience and at the right time.

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