Chauncey Billups shined Wednesday night against the Bucks in his debut with the Knicks. (Christopher Pasatieri, Newsday )

Ten minutes after he left the Pepsi Center on Monday night, Chauncey Billups got the phone call he dreaded for weeks, telling him that he no longer was a member of the Nuggets.

Soon after he arrived home and broke the news to his family, the man whose plan had swept up Billups and taken him away from Denver — Carmelo Anthony — called.

"Melo, honestly, after the trade went down, his first question to me was, 'How was your family taking it? How was everybody doing?' " Billups said Wednesday by phone before he and Anthony played their first games as New York Knicks. "So I know that he pretty much feels bad about it, that I got intertwined in his deal, in his situation."

Because Anthony is a new Knick,