About me

Hey My name is Nick Katula Musuuza , I’m an accountant and have worked with many organizations in various industries i.e. Fast consumer Foods Manufacturers , Construction ,Television , Radio ,Advertising and ISP Firms.
I noticed one thing as I kept changing from Job to job hoping to find the one thing that would fascinate me and not feel bored after a couple of months something fresh and dynamic .
That thing is marketing and sales from my jobs I noticed marketers and sales teams were always the most loaded , drove fancy cars and had the latest fads (Electronic gadgets) moreover they worked the shortest hours and in luxurious locations like spurs, golf courses fancy hotels eating out as we the rest ate from the staff cafeteria and on top of that they didn’t require much in education nor sophisticated software knowhow ,even freelancers would make a wind fall just by knowing something that somebody else didn’t know.
So I ended up at Wealth Affiliates’ to learn how the rest of the world’s marketers live , join the party have my piece of pie and a glass of lemonade meanwhile at this rate I don’t think I crushed the party to me it is just getting stated and I intend to stay every step of the way.

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