Surefire Marketing Steps

First things first

1 -Know your market and creating the kind of things they like.

2–Be confident in your ability to sell things that they want to buy , give them solutions to their problems answer their questions or concerns , provide solutions

Step 1: Attract a qualified lead

1-Use a great offer- Free Sign up, free report, free E-book or free Widget, this is to make them raise their hands and arouse their appetite so they raise their hands and say here Iam ‘I need what you have’

2-Don’t try to sell them too much at the first time –For a free sign up you get a little bit of what you may get over time , then there is a trial period of $19 for the first premium month.

3-Get your hooks on them after the leads have been hooked on the privileges of premium membership , then the big hooks come in $47 per month , then Jaaxy this time a lead which came from a free offer is coughing Over $47 per year.

4-Make it easy for them to buy the first time , Use a test version , a 30 day free trial period or maybe a download worth pennies knowing the next billing will be were the real money comes in.

5-Sell a low priced Service /widget/Book at WA you can relate this to asking questions for the first month as a free member.

6-Educate them- This goes without saying when a lead gets more than anticipated they will keep coming back and will eventually convert and thereafter bring in exponential Leads and converts- This can be linked with the ambassadorship mode in WA

7-Make them feel they came to you and not the other way round- This can be compared to the Rank in WA

Step 2: Slam them

1-Now Bring out the big guns –Yearly Premiums at WA, Jaaxy Premium
2-Now you have their attention and interest –Now you are a position to show them how you can give them what they want – here you can go ahead and offer other services like advertising.

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