Thursday, February 24, 2011

Countries scramble to get citizens out of Libya

(CNN) -- Governments around the world are making a run to get their citizens out of volatile Libya. Here is a country-by-country breakdown:


India plans to evacuate its citizens from Libya by air and sea. Government officials said they have chartered a ferry with the capacity to seat 1,200 people. The ship will reach Benghazi by Saturday, and is expected to arrive in Egypt with the evacuees by Tuesday.


Two British Hercules military transport aircraft have been dispatched to assist with the evacuation of British nationals from Libya, a defense ministry spokesman said Thursday. One aircraft is in Malta; the other in an undisclosed location, he said. The ministry did not elaborate when the evacuations will take place.


The Canadian foreign affairs office says a flight chartered by the government will leave Tripoli for Rome on Thursday.

"All Canadian citizens wishing to leave Libya on this flight should arrive at the airport in Tripoli by 10 a.m. on Thursday and wait in the left side of the parking lot located in front of the airport," the office said in a statement.


The president's office is sending an EgyptAir plane to Tripoli Thursday to evacuate 260 workers and their families. South Korean officials are considering chartering more planes, as well as moving people by land and sea routes. There are nearly 1,400 South Koreans in Libya, working at almost 300 building sites.

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