Thursday, February 17, 2011

'Day of rage' planned in Libya

Across all these districts, the complaints were the same – poor delivery of health, water and education services; poor infrastructure especially roads; bribery and extortion by local officials; increasing prices of basic goods like fuel, sugar, soap, salt and bread and mass unemployment especially among the youth. In many ways, it was clear that Museveni has united Uganda through the failures of his administration.

Museveni's response to the above failures has not been to deny them but rather to deflect attention from himself to local officials. At his rally in Lwengo District, he was able to skillfully position himself as a victim of local corruption in equal measure with the local people. He convinced them that "he" had sent money to them for agricultural extension services, for free education for their children and for drugs into their hospitals but it had been misappropriated by local officials.


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