Wednesday, October 20, 2010

3 Steps to organise your finances

Get organized ;
An important step in achieving a financially fit lifestyle is to get organized. This requires managing not only your financial documents, but also your time.

Devote time to finances ;
Dedicate time each week to thinking, talking, and learning about money management. Consider financial planning to be part of your normal routine. Just as you would schedule time to go to the grocery store or visit the gym, you should also plan time to maintain a healthy financial life.

Create filing system ;
Becoming a stronger money manager requires that you know, or can obtain, detailed information about your financial situation. If this information is not at your fingertips, you need to collect it and create a filing system to keep it organized.

Keep Track of Your Expenses;
Gaining control of your financial situation and using money to help you reach your goals is possible, but first you must recognize where your money goes. Evaluate your habits.

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