Tuesday, October 19, 2010

From my heart: I love male attention

Hellen Lukomwa
Hellen Lukomwa
Hellen Lukomwa is a member of HB Toxic, a female dancing group. She is also an actress and model. Rehema Aanyu talked to her about relationships

Do you love being in the limelight?
Yes I do, because it comes with benefits like free dinners, free entrances to concerts and respect.

How about the male attention?
Definitely yes. Normal attention is good. Every woman once in a while loves to be told that she is beautiful and smart. I would, however, get concerned when a guy starts stalking me.

Any stalker incident so far?
Someone some time called me, saying he liked me. After a while, he told people he was my boyfriend. He was calling me all the time, asking me where I was and why I was not picking his calls. I became rude and told him off. He stopped bothering me.

Doesn't this attention bother your boyfriend?
Like any other man, he becomes insecure sometimes. However, I always explain it to him. He is an understanding guy.

Can you commit to one man?
Yes, if he proves he is worthy. In all my relationships, I go for the best. This gives me the opportunity to love and be open with him.

Would you pay the bill on the first date?
I would not. It is the guy's responsibility. He has to show me that he can take care of me. I think he would not be happy if I did it. I would pay later, in our subsequent dates.

What is your obsession with skimpy outfits?
We live once. Why not flash a little before I give birth or grow old? Besides, I am in showbiz. I have to be artistic.

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