Saturday, October 9, 2010

Viva Uganda Now 48 Happy independence anniversary

Today marks 48 years of independence for the Republic of Uganda , on the night of Oct 9 1962 the Union Jack was lowered and the Uganda Flag raised at Kololo Air Strip, Uganda was declared an independent and sovereign state Exactly 48 years ago .
alot has happened over the years with wars , poverty , disease, corruption and illiteracy taking their toll over the land but all is not lost as we say, for God and My country ,
and as our national anthem goes oh Uganda may God uphold thee , we lay our future in thy hands.

God have mercy! Happy Independence


Anonymous said...

Your government needs to take care of their endemic poverty, ethnic tensions and unresolved land questions, high rates of violence against children and against women (perpetrated largely by men) a...nd the ongoing impact of HIV/AIDS INSTEAD OF HARASSING HOMOSEXUALS and using them as scapegoats to divert attention away from their true issues. They also need to respect free press and academic freedom, human rights activism overall, and commit themselves to the values of human rights and democracy upheld by its own constitution and by the regional and international systems to which it belongs.

nico said...

Thanks for your comment, though you're totally misinformed and still very old school, true some of your concerns are valid but blown out of proportion.
Long live Uganda Na Loooh Na Mutima