Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Business Resources

Business Consultants Uganda Realises that there are very many small companies which cannot afford a full time accountant.
We are here to fill that Gap , small firms can out source their accounting and auditing function at a small fee with us.
We also Carry out;
Business Planning
Tax Consultation computation and Online filling.
Auditing and Accounting.
On line Preparation of financial Accounts.
Online Business Consultation
We are Online 24/7 and cover the whole country, to meet all your business requirements.
Other Activities Include the following Audit, Accounting Investigative auditing
Routine and one-off project financial audits Management reporting and interpretation of financial reports
Financial systems (internal controls) review and design Development /Analysis and improvement accounting systems.
We also determine appropriate book keeping policies and undertake the drawing of financial regulations.
Preparation of financial statements, namely balance sheets, income statements, appropriation statements, and funds flow statements.
Verification of the correctness of books of accounts.Provision of advice to clients on the process and prudence of internal control.
Value for Money Audits VFA as well as business performance appraisal. VFA to ensure full utilization of scarce resources.
Analysis of the financial statements to monitor business performance and Tax liability plus input into better management and allocation of resources.
We offer online book keeping for our small clients so that they can always download their financial statements anywhere anytime.
Preparation of Value Added Tax (VAT) and Pay As You Earn (PAYE) returns
Cost and Performance Evaluation
Preparation, monitoring and review of budgetsPreparation and review of cash flow forecasts Sales forecasting and target setting
Costing and pricing new and existing services and products Financial systems review and improvement
Setting up financial management system
Writing financial management manuals
General Accounting Computerization of accounts and staff training
Project financial analysis.Cost and Performance Evaluation

We Set up prices and review existing cost structures with a view of eliminating unnecessary waste.

Business Process Outsourcing
Preparation of Financial Statement:- Annual Statutory Accounts and Employers Annual Returns:
Conputerisation of Manual accounting systems
Developing/ Improving Internal Controls of Accounting System:
Taxation advisory servicesTax planning and tax consultancy services
Preparation of Value Added Tax (VAT) and Pay As You Earn (PAYE) returns
Tax planning, computation and online filling for Vat , PAYE, Nssf and Corporation Tax.
Information systems
Designing/Review and organize information systems that conform with an organizations particular needs so that all functional areas are linked to one another by relational information
Corporate Finance And Related Matters
Investment and portfolio analysis advice on buying portfolios Treasury Bills, Bonds, Shares, Equity, Facility , Mergers and Take overs.
Business planning and project proposal
We provide relevant and reliable information on various investments they intend to undertake.