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Investing in Uganda

Investing in Uganda

 Basic Requirements

Registration of Business name and Incorporation.
Acquisition of Land
Connection of Telecommunication services.
Acquisition of Electric connection
Connection Water and Sewerage Services.
Registration with Uganda Revenue Authority

Why Wikiconsults ?

Wiki consults  promotes investments in Uganda by assisting local and foreign investors with advice, counselling and information with the following: -
   1. Reservation of a name at the Registry of  Companies.
   2. Preparation of Memorandum & Articles of Association and relevant   documents.
3. Incorporation and registration of company.
4. Applying for, following up and securing investment licences from the Uganda Investment Authority (UIA).
 5. Applying for, following up and securing work permits from the Immigration Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
 6. Applying for, following up and securing electricity and water connections from the Umeme (Uganda's Power Provider)  and the National Water and Sewerage Corporation.
 7. Application, following up and registration of company for income and corporate taxes and PAYE (Pay as you earn) with the Uganda Revenue Authority.
8. Application, following up and registration with the Value Added Tax (VAT) Department of the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA). An investor with projected annual gross sales of US$ 30,000 or more or a business which wishes to get a refund of VAT on imports and inputs need to register for VAT.
      9. Applying for, following up and securing telephone connections and postal box          numbers.

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