Friday, December 21, 2012

Solar Power - Panels to Light you Upcountry House @ from 300K


...Solar power can save you thousands on your energy bills

...Anyone can use solar power... with the right knowledge!!!!

100wattsPanel +100Ahbattery+10Ah regulator +600watts inverter @ 2,300,000/=  This gives you 7 lights,14"TV, DVD Player.

200wattspanel +200Ah battery +20Ah Regulator+ 800watts inverter@3,500,000/= this gives you up to 12 lights,21"TV,DVD Player,Radio,DSTV

75watts panel-800,000/=

85 watts panel-900,000/=

100 watts Panel-1,000,000/=

120 watts panel-1,100,000/=

180watts panel-1,300,000/=

Panels are sold with out any other thing!



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