Thursday, June 13, 2013

Uganda Budget 2013 What Next for the Common Folk(Budget speech 2013 Uganda)

Yes it is that time of the Year again when we have the East African Budgets but for Uganda!  this time round
things are a  bit over ambitions it is like strangling a dieing person notably so is the increase of excise duty on Petrol  by 50 Shs if this does not fuel voluntary walk to work the I don't know what will.

True we need to fund our budget but at what cost ? every time   an average Ugandans sees a payslip almost
50% of the paltry salary has been chopped by some scheme and of of course government tax.

If we look at the bright side may be taxing the subsistence sector  will off load some of the burden of the so called 'white collar ' taxes which are cheap, choking and easy to administer.

God bless Uganda

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