Thursday, March 31, 2011

Britain: Libyan foreign minister could be prosecuted

LONDON—British Foreign Secretary William Hague on Thursday hailed the defection of Libya's top diplomat as a sharp blow to embattled dictator Moammar Gaddafi and urged other members of the Libyan government to leave as well.
"Gaddafi's regime, which has already seen significant defections to the opposition, is fragmented, under pressure and crumbling from within," Hague told reporters at a news conference in central London. "Gaddafi must be asking himself, 'Who will be the next to abandon him'?"

Kusa--long regarded as one of Gaddafi's most trusted and loyal confidants--flew in to Farnborough Airport southwest of London from Tunisia on Wednesday and announced he was resigning his post, according to the British Foreign Office. 

Kusa, who was Libya's intelligence chief for 15 years before becoming foreign minister in 2009, is the most senior regime figure to abandon Gaddafi.


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