Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dominique Wilkins: Why Was Hawks Legend Attacked by Ex NBA Ref?

Rashan S. Michel says that Wilkins owed him money. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution broke the story that a former NBA and college basketball referee hit Wilkins in the chest because "he was owed money for suits purchased several years ago."

Michel owned his own clothing store and allegedly Wilkins never paid him. Attacking someone is never the answer when there is a problem. I guess Michel didn't learn that in grade school. 

The 36-year-old former ref chose the wrong guy to mess with. Sekou Smith of tweeted, "Wilkins got in three 'solid' punches during the brief fight, while his assailant landed none." 

Wilkins is 51 years old and gave Michel a memorable mug shot. He has yet to discuss the matter, but I'm sure Wilkins eventually will. It's one of those situations where you say "I'm all right, but that other guy, he better not come at me again."


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