Wednesday, April 20, 2011

iPad and GoodReader: the perfect mobile office and vacation companion

I recently went on vacation, but before I did I wrote up an article asking which gadgets I should take with me. At the time I was debating about bringing my MacBook, iPad and iPhone 4.

Well, I have since returned from the vacation and have to say that at the last minute I decided to leave the MacBook behind. The main reason was because this was technically a vacation and I figured that if I brought the MacBook, I would get sucked into a work mode.

So, what did I bring? I happily packed some magazines I had been meaning to read, my iPhone 4, and my iPad.

iPad: Work mode

It's a good thing I brought the iPad since as I was sitting on the plane waiting to take off, I received a text asking me for my opinion on a presentation. I quickly fired up my iPad, downloaded the presentation and launched it into GoodReader. This way I had it saved for later viewing on the plane. I also launched a number of other attachments, to go along with the presentation. The nice thing about GoodReader is that it can view a ton of different attachment types, and also has a built-in file manager. This was helpful since I organized the attachments into different folders, and then even renamed some of the attachments.


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