Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Libyan opposition figure tells how Gaddafi son escaped

ELEANOR HALL: Ibrahim Sahad is the secretary general of the National Front for the Salvation of Libya and he was a high ranking military and diplomatic officer in the Gaddafi regime until he resigned in 1981.

The World Today first spoke to Ibrahim Sahad the day after protests started in Benghazi, back in February. Now after 32 years in exile, he recently returned to Benghazi, where recently he has been working closely with the Transitional National Council.

He spoke to me this morning from Benghazi.

Ibrahim Sahad, there's been some resistance from Gaddafi forces in Tripoli overnight. How much of the capital is now within opposition control?

IBRAHIM SAHAD: Well I think the majority of the capital is now under the control of the freedom fighters. They are getting some resistance in some areas where just pockets of resistance is still there.

Of course there is still the issue of Gaddafi himself, where is he about? And this is a very important issue. Also I would like to see his sons dealt with in a more secure way.

ELEANOR HALL: What do you mean a more secure way?

IBRAHIM SAHAD: Well I would say that the way they dealt with Mohammad last night was not adequate. They left him at home and they left few guards to take care of that and then we see that he escaped. This is the issue.


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