Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Making an Enemy of Iran

Barack Obama has thrown in the towel regarding negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians, and yielded to his advisors' policy of relentlessly demonising Iran, notes Patrick Seale.


Middle East Online

It is now widely accepted -- and lamented -- that US President Barack Obama failed dismally in attempting to make peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Defeated by Israel's hard-line Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, and by Israel's friends in the United States -- lobbyists, Congressmen and women, neo-conservatives, Christian Zionists, and assorted Arab-haters both inside and outside the Administration -- the President threw in the towel.

What is less well understood is that Obama was also defeated in another major area of foreign policy -- relations with Iran. When he came to office he vowed to 'engage' with the Islamic Republic, but this admirable objective was soon supplanted by a policy of threats, sanctions and intimidation aimed at isolating Iran, subverting its economy and overthrowing its regime.



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