Thursday, December 1, 2011

Occupy L.A. Protesters Plan Smaller Camps at Banks, Country Clubs

LOS ANGELES (KTLA) -- With the 'Occupy L.A.' encampment at City Hall over, organizers say they will not be silenced and are planning future protests.

Organizers say more short-lived encampments might spring up at various locations, including banks, the homes of bank executives, or even golf courses and country clubs.

The leaders of 'Occupy L.A.' issued this statement on Wednesday:

"We call upon all sisters and brothers of the occupy movement to speak out against the use of intimidation, force and political power to break up peaceful occupations and repress or criminalize the exercise of our 1st Amendment rights."

A group of about 100 protesters have gathered at City Hall Wednesday evening. The protesters marched from Pershing Square to City Hall.

LAPD officers set up a skirmish line around City Hall as a precaution, but the protest was peaceful. Southbound Spring Street, however, was closed to traffic during the march.

Meantime, the National Lawyers Guild is calling for the immediate release of the nearly 300 protesters arrested in the police raid of Occupy L.A. early Wednesday morning.

The NLG says California law mandates that anyone charged with a misdemeanor be released with a written notice to appear.

NLG Board Member Carol Sobel condemned the action of the LAPD.


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