Monday, March 11, 2013

How did the Delhi gang rape accused die in prison?

Delhi's Tihar prison promises "safe and secure custody" of inmates, according to its website.

But the death in prison of a man accused in the gang rape and murder of a student in Delhi has raised questions about security in what is South Asia's largest prison.

Ram Singh's death is also a huge embarrassment for the authorities. "So, one can commit suicide under the watchful eyes of the Tihar Jail. Great!," tweeted writer and activist Meena Kandasamy.

The 55-year-old jail houses more than 12,000 inmates, although it has an official capacity of about 6,000. It is also India's most high-profile prison, where a number of prominent politicians and businessmen facing trial in corruption cases are being held.

Authorities say Tihar is one of the most secure and modern prisons in India. It is equipped with CCTV cameras, mobile phone jamming devices, scanners and metal detectors.

The sprawling campus hardly looks like a jail. Visitors are shown a model prison where inmates make bread, shoes, furniture, paper and clothing, among other things.


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