Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What is Your Marketing Strategy for your Product or Service?:

Markets, for example, are actual groups of potential buyers who can afford to buy your product or service. They have to have the need for your product or service and your customers have to have a desire to purchase your merchandise. Also, you have to know who your customers are. How do we create a need for buyers to buy our product or service? What is it about your "stuff" that serves what your potential customers need? These are the questions you must answer for your target customers so they will feel the need to buy from you. Find out by searching whom your customers are first to find out what they want and what kinds of questions they are asking. Find out what they have to have or must have. To do this you must:
1. Go to any search engine and type in your product or service and click on any of your competition.
2. Find out if they have a blog or forum and join. Don't post bad stuff just play nice. You must read the rules if any and obey them.
3. Spend about fifteen minutes a day on each blog and see what questions are being asked then answer them if you know the answer.

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