Wednesday, May 21, 2014

love 2

Another story is told of a farmer in the prairies after a summer  fire   , this farmer was walking through his farm inspecting the burnt grass and ashes , then  he noticed  some movement from a burnt hen as he drew closer the movements intensified so he reached out to the burnt hen and using his stuff rolled it over , underneath the mother hen  were five beautiful chicks alive and well ,apparently as the fire drew near the mother hen realised she could not outrun the fire so she did the ultimate , she covered her chicks with her body and protected them from the heat , in other words she sacrificed herself so the chicks could survive,

Jesus Did the exact same same thing , will you embrace him?

Right where you are JESUS is knocking at the Door of your heart just let HIM in

Pray " Jesus I accept you as my LORD and Saviour , I believe you are the SON of GOD and you died to Set me free come into my heart forgive all my sins for you paid it all at the cross
write my name in the book of life, from today I will do your will, in Jesus' name

Just Go  a bible teaching Church Where JESUS is LORD and learn more of how to be a Christian

"May GOD Bless you"

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