Wednesday, May 21, 2014


A story is told of this little boy , who was always made fun of by his friends in the neighbor hood and at school, the kids would always ask who has the ugliest mom on the block and his mom was always the ugliest.
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The little boy was unhappy and hated his mom so much that he didnt want any one to see him with her or later alone call her his mom.

 This went on for along time till one day , his mom asked him why he hated her  so much? The lad said" it is because of these burns and scars on your face that make you look so ugly"

The mom with tears in her eyes told him a story,

A long time ago when you were still a baby , our apartment caught fire and every one dashed for dear life, your dad and I forgot to pick you up from your crib, when the fire was out of control and burnt most of the building we discovered that you were still in there, I went back to pick you against everyone who fought to keep me from entering that apartment. I reached your crib found you terrified and crying on top of your lungs, I took in my hands and shielded you from the fire with my own body , I was the most beautiful mom in this state but because of  saving you that is why I look ugly I could not let my little boy die so I gave up myself to save you, that my boy is why you are still alive when every one else had given up on you.

The Little boy cried so much hugged his mom and said he was sorry he felt the resentment and his mom said ''I know my son and I forgive you because you didn't know''

The the boy said amidst sobs "To me you are the most beautiful mom in the whole world"

God loved us so much and He went through so much trouble to the point of demeaning himself and becoming a man , later letting  his subjects whose next meal and breath depends on HIM to nail HIM to a tree and kill HIM all because he Loved us so much that HE will never let us perish

But like the little boy we resent and turn away -Make up your mind today and follow JESUS the Author and finisher of our lives. 

Right where you are JESUS is knocking at the Door of your heart just let HIM in

Pray " Jesus I accept you as my LORD and Saviour , I believe you are the SON of GOD and you died to Set me free come into my heart forgive all my sins for you paid it all at the cross
write my name in the book of life, from today I will do your will, in Jesus' name

Just Go  a bible teaching Church Where JESUS is LORD and learn more of how to be a Christian

"May GOD Bless you"

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