Thursday, September 2, 2010

BTC -Call for proposal

BTC -Call for proposal
Thursday, 26th August, 2010

The demand for fish is increasing with the increasing population. This demand however, cannot be met
simultaneously with the external demand.

This has resulted in an increase in capture fisheries which has led to dwindling stocks in the Ugandan waters and it is anticipated that Uganda will not be able to meet its quota to the importing countries unless other methods of fish production are employed. The increased demand has also led to fish shortage on the internal Ugandan market which has consequently made fish very expensive
and not easily afforded by ordinary Ugandans.

There is therefore a need to increase fish production both through deliberate restocking programs for over fished lakes and through increased aquaculture. In order to achieve this, there is need to produce large quantities
of fish fry which can only be obtained by having good quality live feeds for the hatcheries.

The production of Artemia (the brine shrimp) in Uganda has a potential of providing an alternative source
of essential nutrients (essential amino acids) to supplement fish diets deficient in these essential nutrients due
to its high nutritional quality, and ease and versatility of use. Among other benefits, this versatility makes
artemia usable as a medium for delivering essential nutrients like Eicosapentanoic acid (EPA) and
Decosahexanoic acid (DHA) which offers an opportunity to develop farming of high-priced species with difficult hatchery phase such as Nile perch and also an opportunity to produce fish fry for both national use and international export.

This would trigger some Ugandan farmers to engage in fish fry hatchery/nursery systems leading to a new industrial opportunity in view of local availability of food sources.
In light of the above, the MoFPED & BTC are now seeking to hire consultancy services to carry out a feasibility study on Artemia production in saline lakes in western Uganda as a means of enhancing aquaculture production.

The two implementing bodies are inviting proposals from eligible consultants who
are qualified to conduct the above exercise to collect Tender Documents from BTC website
(then choose EN and click tenders).

Proposals should be submitted at the address below in closed envelopes
by close of business (4:00 p.m.) on Friday 17th September 2010.

Consultants will be evaluated on the
basis of the proposed methodology, their technical capacity, and competent skills.
Belgian Development Agency, BTC, Lower Kololo Terrace, Plot 1B, P.O. Box 40131,
Kampala/Uganda Tel. (+256) 414 230 543, Fax. (+256) 414 230 542

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