Thursday, September 9, 2010

Selling a service

Selling a service involves creating a positive feeling in the prospective customer. Take the example of a well dressed person’s appearance. It says: Here’s an important person; intelligent, prosperous, and dependable.
In a tour business, the operators use graphic descriptions in words and pictures of what awaits you in the sites that you are being persuaded to visit - printed with state- of -art technology in brochures.
The sales person who may have been there himself/herself shows these places, highlighting their most attractive features with the kind of enthusiasm that entices you to give it a try. When you decide to book a tour, what you buy is a promise; as seen by your eyes and believed by your heart.
That promise is of; a good feeling, probably a lifetime experience, and real value for your time and money. Because you don’t touch, feel or taste a service before you consume it, a strong feeling of anticipation must be aroused in a prospective customer for him or her to make a buying decision.
You must provide the prospect, reason and logic for buying! Like the well dressed fellow, if he is male, the lady he asks out is persuaded by his appearance and manner of his dress.
The catch phrase thus in making money in services is: Become a master at creating anticipation of good and memorable experience when people choose to consume your service. That anticipation must be matched with reality. When your client buys, he or she must get what was anticipated and more.
If it’s a restaurant, the client must get “please have great day salutation” after the meal, for a tour; the client must get, “It has been great keeping company with you”, and so forth… The seed of money is service. Putting service first is an attitude that creates wealth. Put service first and money takes care of itself.

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