Friday, March 4, 2011

Armagh doctor wins local election in Kampala suburb

HIS BIGGEST worry was that they'd rig it. In the end, Dr Ian Clarke's margin of victory was so big that even when one or two declaration forms went missing, the result was not in doubt.

At 8am yesterday morning, the Ugandan election commission declared the Armagh native the new chairman of Kampala's Makindye division. With 26,500 votes, he beat the incumbent Moses Kalungi of the ruling National Resistance Movement into second place with just 11,000.

"We started getting warnings on Wednesday night that people were trying to interfere with the vote" Dr Clarke said yesterday, "but we had our people on the ground, watching for irregularities. Still, we were surprised that the NRM candidate came second, because he is not popular on the ground."


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