Friday, March 4, 2011

Chavez Libya talks offer rejected

The United States and France have brushed aside Venezuela's proposal for mediation to end the violence in Libya.

PJ Crowley, the US State Department's spokesman, instead repeated US calls for Muammar Gaddafi to step down from power in the face of the three-week-old uprising that he has tried to crush with his security forces.

"You don't need an international commission to tell Colonel Gaddafi what he needs to do for the good of his country and the good of his people," Crowley told reporters on Thursday when asked about the Venezuelan proposal.

France also rejected Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's offer and dismissed talk of any solution that would allow the embattled leader to stay in power.

"Any mediation that allows Colonel Gaddafi to succeed himself is obviously not welcome," Alain Juppe, the French foreign minister, said after talks with his British counterpart William Hague.


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