Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Current Twitter trends: IE9, RIP Zune Player, Innisfail earthquake

Microsoft has released a new version of its internet browser, Internet Explorer 9 (IE9), and is promoting the release on Twitter with first place topic "#IE9."

Twitter users are divided on the merits of the new browser. Some users say, "Whoooaaaaa!!! #IE9 is cooler now! About time god damn it! Good job!" while others are tweeting "#IE9? Why do they even try? #IEMustDie," "#IE9 is out? no thanks, i'll stick to google chrome" and "Microsoft still can't do PR right. They pushed out #HelpJapan to promote #IE9."

The hashtags "#questionsihate," "#thingsthatdontgotogether" and "#uncalzonquediga" fill second, third and fifth places in Twitter's most talked about topi

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