Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Jamwa sentenced to 12 years in jail

THE Anti-Corruption Court yesterday meted out a 12-year imprisonment sentence to former NSSF managing director David Chandi Jamwa who was last week convicted of causing a financial loss of sh3b to the fund.

His lawyer, David Mpanga, tried to plead for a lenient sentence in vain. Anne Mugisa and Edward Anyoli were in court and recorded the proceedings.

Mpanga: My Lord, I would like you to consider four matters. The first one is the personal circumstances of the accused; second concerns the need for the punishment to fit the crime; third, the issue of rehabilitation of the accused and the fourth, I pray that you consider the issue of public interest.

The accused is a 40-year-old man of good character and had no previous criminal convictions. He is a certified public accountant, and a certified stock broker and, until recently, one of the youngest and most successful heads of public institutions as the youngest MD of NSSF with a good career by the age of 40.

The accused is married with six children and 4 dependants. The wife has been here in court. His mother and father are here.

Second, the nature of this offence and punishment: There was no evidence adduced here that the accused was in any way actuated by a motive of personal gain. There was no evidence that he was motivated by anything other than intention to implement the new investment policy of NSSF management.

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