Sunday, March 13, 2011

A (semi) Statistical Recap of Texas

Texas had the best defense in the country in the regular season. In Big 12 conference play they allowed .89 points per possession and they allowed their opponents to put up a 42.5% eFG. Yesterday Kansas scored 1.25 points per possession and had a 62.9% eFG. Quite simply it was their best offensive performance of the season. It very possibly was anyone's best offensive performance of the season. They shot 41% from two, a full 15% above what UT allowed in Big 12 play, and 63% from two, which is 20% above what Texas allowed.

Defensively Kansas was good but not great. They allowed 1.07 PPP, just barely under Texas's season average. But they did allow the Horns to shoot only 43% from two, which is under what they normally shoot and better than Kansas does on average. They especially did a good job on Tristan Thompson, who only got off four shots, and Jordan Hamilton, who, though he had 21 points, he required 21 shots to do so.


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