Saturday, March 19, 2011

Successors to Georgetown’s most recent Final Four team leave with 1 NCAA win

Chris Wright and Austin Freeman stared straight ahead, hurt and sadness etched across their faces.

Their Georgetown careers are over, far earlier than they wanted or most would have expected. And no matter what they accomplished, there will always be those who say it wasn't enough.

"Four years goes fast and they've given a lot and worked their behinds off," coach John Thompson III said. "A lot will be said about what this group did or didn't do in their four years in the postseason. But they've given a lot to this school and I just want to thank them."

Since going to the Final Four in 2007, Georgetown has won only one NCAA tournament game since then. With a 74-56 loss to VCU in the second round Friday night, the Hoyas were victims of an early upset for a second straight year.

The Hoyas (21-11) lost to 13th-seeded Ohio in the first round last year.

"We did what we can to try to up this program. We did the best we can when we were here," Freeman said. "That's it, plain and simple."


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