Monday, April 18, 2011

How do you guard the unguardable Derrick Rose?

She was there again Monday night — that ''crazy stalker ex-girlfriend'' peeking through the small window outside your door to see if you're home.

You've sent numerous texts, a dozen e-mails. Tried to reason with her. And as you crouch behind the couch, hoping the light from the TV doesn't reveal your shadow in the room you just made dark, it's obvious she isn't going away.

That was the image Indiana Pacers forward Danny Granger painted of Derrick Rose after the Pacers lost 104-99 in Game 1 to the Bulls and their all-everything point guard on Saturday.

''Every time you tell her you don't want to talk to her, she just shows up at your door again,'' Granger said, describing the MVP-in-waiting.

Pacers coach Frank Vogel took it a step further, saying of Rose, ''The kid's out of this world. He's got Allen Iverson's speed, Jason Kidd's vision, Chauncey Billups' shooting and Michael Jordan's athleticism. How do you guard that?''

With 10:47 left in the first quarter of Game 2 on Monday, Paul George was guarding Rose. After a spin move and duck-under, Rose hit a floater for the first basket of the game. Victim No. 1.

How do you guard the unguardable?

How do you convince your team that while there are no weaknesses, they'll find the Achilles?


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