Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hugh Grant 1, Tabloids 0

Don't mess with Hugh Grant.

Between 2004 and 2006, the actor (along with many other celebrities including actress Sienna Miller) had his voicemail hacked by British tabloid News of the World. At last, Grant had his sweet revenge when he secretly recorded a former reporter from the tabloid and published the juicy excerpts at a rival publication. 

NPR explains how it all went down. The News of the World recently apologized for the hacking activity which it was alleged was used to gather private info on celebrities for use in the publication. Apparently that apology wasn't enough for Grant. The actor taped a conversation with former reporter Paul McMullan in which the reporter contradicts the paper's former top editor Andrew Coulson.

Coulson, who would later serve as British Prime Minister David Cameron's communications director, claimed to have not condoned the practice of illegal phone hacking. However, "in the tape that Grant secretly recorded, McMullan contradicts him, saying Coulson regularly ordered phone spying." Uh, oh.


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