Saturday, April 2, 2011

Japan Finds Radioactive Water Leaking into Ocean

Nuclear safety officials say a newly-discovered crack in Japan's damaged nuclear plant could be the source of radioactive water that is leaking into the Pacific Ocean.

Nuclear safety spokesman Hidehiko Nishiyama told reporters Saturday the water could be leaking from a crack in a maintenance pit on the edge of the Fukushima nuclear site.

Nishiyama said the Tokyo Electric Power Company is planning to pour concrete into the pit to seal the crack.

Earlier in the day, Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan visited the tsunami-devastated region, meeting workers in the nuclear exclusion zone and talking to residents made homeless by the March 11 disaster.

At a school-turned evacuation center, Mr. Kan told evacuees that the government would support them until the end of the recovery process.

The Japanese leader also visited a village just inside the exclusion zone which is serving as the headquarters for emergency teams trying to cool the six reactors at the plant.More

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